CERA/CCDU land confiscations…

Locked out of undamaged factory for 518 days….

CERA/CCDU land confiscations.

The general feeling developing in CHCH is a them and us mentality.  Those of us poor sods on the east side and those in power and on the west side.  This attitude is now becoming entrenched.  The lack of progress for us east siders is at boiling point.  I watch with interest. It badly needs addressing by the Laurel and Hardy show!  ( Keys and Brownlee).

Initial thoughts on the CCDU “Proposals”.  I will add to this as I consider it all!

  • The green zone will create an artificial barrier to the central city, thus pushing up the land values in the central city for Nationals rich mates. And they will build on it as soon as they flog off the land.  ie its temporary sop to the demand for Green spaces from the locals.
  • Notice that most of the land confiscations will be on the east and south side of the city, ie the poorer/smaller land owners and disenfranchise small property owners.
  • The central city will be dominated by government and CCC departments.  Boring!
  • The central city retail area will be lack lustre and full of “nice” shops ie mall style and lack interest. re start is already boring and the young people could not give a toss about it.
  • The central city area will be hotels/lawyers and tourist shops only.
  • All the bars and cafes will be on the south side ie where we are.
  • They have already demolished 60% of CHCH central area, why would you demo what is left standing?  (I would suggest it is to push up property prices of the remaining land/buildings.  Refer comment about benefiting Nationals rich mates.)
  • Putting the sports stadium, a useless expensive structure, used only a few times a year on Madras street will create a concrete jungle like wall facing the green zone.  Why would you? ie it will dominate the horizon.  mega ugly!
  • Why have they let building owners work for 18 months, apply for consents, design building etc just to throw all that work down the toilet.?  And they have made our lives a living hell getting consents, permissions and contractors.
  • Why not pool all the cities educational organisations together in to the CPIT area ie Lincoln and Canterbury – Force them to co-operate.
  • How dare they treat the building owners like this?   This is disgraceful.  To put us back in LIMBO LAND after 18 months is unbelievable and shows a blatant disregard for the welfare of Christchurch business’s and people.

Be very afraid New Zealand, for this could be coming to YOUR city.  The mismanagement, corruption and dysfunctional government could be coming to YOU next. Watch the dice roll!

ps.  regarding corruption.  hurricane Katrina.  Price gouging by demolition contractors and suppliers etc was on average between 40-3000%.  Also all the land confiscations were on the poorer sides of the city.  In some cases it was to create rubbish dumps.   Sound familiar Sydenham?


Daily Kos: Book Review: Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine”

What Friedman and his technocratic/corporatist allies realized was that like an individual, a society that suffers a trauma—a natural disaster, an economic meltdown, a political upheaval—is initially so stressed in its wake that if ideologues move quickly enough, they can ram through “reforms” at what amounts to the political speed of light. Ergo, “the Shock Doctrine,” with its ruthless privatization of formerly public property, elimination of social programs, busting up of worker groups, and the suspension of minimum wage laws. “Crises are, in a way,” Klein writes, “democracy-free zones—gaps in politics as usual when the need for consent and consensus do not seem to apply.” Of course, people eventually begin to recover from the seminal event and even the layers of free-market strangulation can’t seem to keep them down. And as they recover, they rebel. And when they rebel … carnage ensues.

No paradise today.


3 thoughts on “CERA/CCDU land confiscations…

  1. Gerry forced to admit that Nats have been receiving advice on trying to make Cantabrians sell their public assets to pay for the rebuild. Instead of an earthquake levy where we all contribute a little. John Key/John Banks Govt exploiting the earthquake to push through their privatisation programme. Never waste a crisis hey guys…


    Hijaked from Russell Normans Facebook page

    • Hi Lisa, thank you, I have never heard of Agenda 21. It is all too familiar I am afraid. Scary stuff, it is exactly what is happening here. Is there any way we can fight these people in power? Is there a group that is working behind the scenes that might need a new member!

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