Productivity of the building Industry…

I touched on this subject the other day.  So I thought I would do some research to see if I was correct in assuming that the building Industry has a productivity problem.  It was no surprise to find that it is a well recognised problem.  There are some very interesting  articles published by Branz in the Build 118 June/July 2010 magazine. One by Nick Davis, Director, (Martin Jenkins), touches on these issues and give a short summary.  ( I won’t bore you with the issue, promise!)

Basically the problems are: a result of a fragmented Industry, skills shortages, regulation, workload levels, project organisation, design details, plant, standardisation, firm size, low rates of innovation, the concept that customised solutions are prefered and also changes to regulations,  to name just a few.

In relation to the CHCH post earthquake rebuild, these issues have become obvious to me.   Even I can see that there are problems.  From my point of view it has become noticeable because:

1. The project management industry does not appear to be capable of managing projects.

2. The builders are struggling to come to grip with the mountains of paper work involved in the rebuild. Partly as a result of the Certified contractor fiasco.

3. The builders are struggling to come to grip with the changing regulations/specifications.

4. Lack of ability to manage time frames and pre plan.

I go back to my original comment, compared to the print industry, the building Industry has no concept of time frames, work flow and productivity.

ho-hum  9 weeks work in 18 months… I rest my case.


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