CCDU Land Confiscations continued…

Is it not interesting?  it is now 4 days since the CCDU announced its intentions.  And we do not know if we own a building or not.  How weird is that! What sort of democracy do we live it? Sorry correction – did we live in.  Democracy is dead in Christchurch.

We now have us and them.  The rich land owners that have been created in the CBD and the poor sods like us now disenfranchised in the “Green Belt”. This was legalised theft by Government. (Sound familiar New Zealand?)

I have heard varying rumours/speculation on what an “Innovation Hub” is.  That is the new “designation” of our block. Personally I think they were just desperate to give it a name as they do not know what to do with us.

I notice that Mckenzie and Willis states ” Rebuilding a new store on the old site had always been a possibility, but the blueprint had determined that would not happen because the innovation precinct was not for retailing.”

I am not sure that this is entirely accurate. Innovation takes many forms, from designing new clothes to having a funky cafe/shop.  It does not just mean geeks siting in front of screens.

The talks I have had with other building owners would suggest that our area is about to be filled with bars and cafes.  Not much innovation here I am afraid.  This seems to me to be very logical as the cost of renting/leasing land in the new CBD ( with no B of course) will be very high. It is only the large hotels/bars/restaurants that will be able to afford the key money.  The rest of the hospitality industry will be looking for cheaper rents, they now have limited choices: Victoria st, Sydenham or High St?, St Asaph Street, one side only!  Everyone will be desperate to grab land on the fringe of the Green belt.

But my questions are:  How long are we going to have to wait before we find out if we own a building or not?  How hard was it for the CCDU to pick up the phone and start ring the affected owners?

How dare they treat us with such disdain. This is typical of the behaviour of those in power in times of disasters, they try to ram through legislation that advantages a few.  Democracy? No.  Dictatorship yes.

A pity that they do not care about the people at all.  Time for Christchurch to rise up, march through the streets and chuck this useless lot out.

And by the way –  Labour, the Greens, New Zealand first and Act should hang their heads in shame at the way they have not advocated for Christchurch people. They have not asked any hard questions nor analysed what is happening here.

Too cold today for Paradise. The water is running down the inside of my home’s walls and the damp is making my old bones ache!  lol



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