CERA/CCDU -Christchurch NZ Land Grab!!! ~ Agenda 21

Locked out of undamaged factory for 538 days

No confirmation yet of Building Ownership 14 Days

Agenda 21, it is clear that this is what is happening in Christchurch. This link is scary. but it makes perfect sense and explains exactly what is happening in Christchurch.  New Zealand needs to be very afraid of what is happening here, as big business interest in Government stamp on the rights of ordinary people. Please check out the link, it is a accurate depiction of what is happening to Christchurch business people.


4 thoughts on “CERA/CCDU -Christchurch NZ Land Grab!!! ~ Agenda 21

    • Hi Mat, you are right. They have not understood the issues here. Building owners have been seen as rich landlords. In many cases this is not correct. Our basic rights to own property and get a fair value if “acquired” has been disregarded by the CCDU and Cera in CHCH. Note that most of the land red Zoned in CHCH is on the poorer east side, although there has been massive liquification in Fendalton and in other areas along the river. And they are already starting to talk about how nice the River sections are and how much they will sell for when they are resold. Corruption at government level. A pity that the Labour party has not had the brains to capitalise on these issues. Very frustrating!

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