CERA/CCDU Still no word on our fate…

Locked out of undamaged factory 545 days….

No information on Building Ownership 21 Days.

I have come to a conclusion.  The CCDU unit does not know what it is doing.  The plans for the Heritage Precinct in High Street are obviously in disarray.  With the new Stadium towering (Shadow effect) over the Lichfield/Madras Street block, the Heritage precinct in ruins and repairs damn near impossible under the current structure, the uncertainty is crippling forward planning in the area. (Let alone the whole city)

My expectation is that they will confiscate the 16 units of the Duncan’s Block, amalgamate the tiles and sell it off to one of their rich mates. Where they are going to find “Innovative tenants” remains to be seen. One would have thought that the mix that had been developing down in this area was “Innovation and renewal” at its best.  One of the reasons for the success and rejuvenation of the area had been its low rentals.  This is obviously at an end.

The artificial “Green Zone” that has been created to shore up the property values in the central area, has ment that all the “large property Investors” are going to be scrambling for land close to central area. So I see a bun fight looming, with the CCDU paying out miserable prices (market price for land still locked up in their silly Red Zone, which now looks like a deliberate attempt to destroy any residual property values) to the current owners and on selling for much more.  This is called “free market economy”.  yeah right.  Nationalisation of land is called Fascism.  This land confiscation is all about the National government making money, nothing more nothing less.

Losing a building to the German’s in Amsterdam in 1942 is annoying enough but losing a building to a National government in New Zealand in 2012 is utterly disgraceful.  I am ashamed to call myself a New Zealander.

Appears to me that the CCDU is trying to impose a structure on the city that is doomed to fail.  They have forgotten one major component in the mix.  The building owners.  Who are all now so slacked off that we will never buy or set up again in the city.



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