Land confiscations in Christchurch, New Zealand By the National Government

Locked out of undamaged factory 573 days

Do we still own our building, I do not know????? 49 days

A very interesting and thought-provoking article by Lorraine North,  in the New Zealand Herald on sunday 16th September 2012. Where she comments that: “The inner-city area within the Four Avenues is described by locals increasingly in terms of a war zone. Comparisons with Kabul or Baghdad abound. Citizens are in a state of shock and many avoid the CBD altogether, grief-stricken at how much of their city has been destroyed – not by earthquakes, but by order of the Canterbury Earthquakes Recovery Authority (Cera).”  She is correct. It looks exactly like a war zone. The sad thing is that it did not need to happen this way.

here is the link:

The other issue that she has not really explored is the fact that our young people have totally disengaged from the central city and Christchurch in general.  There is nothing here for them.  To be quite frank there is nothing for us older persons to do either, even the local library has now been closed down, and as you all know the TV programming is awful!

My elderly mum has been chortling about the lock up of the CBD, her comment was that you just walk around demoed buildings and you get on with life, oh mum, if only Christchurch was that simple. Her other rather thought-provoking comment was, “at least the Germans are not dropping bombs, and we are not having to eat seagull soup.”

Can not argue with that!

My mission for the day is to ring: Southern Resolutions (AMI) (commonly known in our family as Southern Desolation), Arrow and Benchmark to try to find out why I am still living in a slum house in Christchurch Port Hills.

ho humm  Christchurch new normal!


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