Recovery Stalls in Christchurch?

Locked out of undamaged factory 600 days.

Do we still own our building? I do not know – 76 days.

I have had a complaint from a reader that I have not kept you updated.  My apologies, I have been sidetracked by Insurance, Insurance, Insurance. Lack of progress and general slothfulness.

Frustration is starting to get the better of me.  How on earth am I supposed to keep my business and livelihood going when I am locked out from my building for 600 days.?  Any suggestions would be welcomed. The lack of progress in Christchurch is becoming legendary and an International embarrassment. And the continued demolition of our Heritage buildings is a man-made CERA disaster.

The link below is interesting and echos the views of many building owners in Christchurch that: “The Christchurch Central Development Unit’s city blueprint is a developer’s plan, not a rebuild plan, says self-declared outsider Ian Maxwell.”

Than we have the issue of Environment Canterbury elections.  Democracy is dead and buried here. No elections until 2016.  Who are they kidding?

“It’s not democratic, it’s not healthy, and it’s not the New Zealand way.” Dr Hayward commented. I agree.

“It is possible to conceive of a world in which the first response of those in authority is not to shut things down and freeze people out.” A comment by Chris Trotter when he refered to finding a different way of helping Christchurch.

Now on a totally different topic, for a change! Lets talk about NZI. The multiple Insurance issues we face are a nightmare. The latest from NZI/IAG is that they have cancelled the insurance for our High Street building back dating it to September 2011.  The interesting thing about this is the lack of explanation or assistance that we have had from our Insurance broker. Who will remain nameless at this stage as I do not wish to end up in court.  Their time is coming, be warned. The building has now been strengthened to 80% of the New Building standard.  So based on that figure there can not be many buildings in Christchurch that are covered at all.  Interestingly they have refused to give us any cover at all, even though I offered to exclude Earthquakes. ( And I have just managed to get some Contract works cover).

On a more positive note, we have finally closed in the front of our building. Just in time for another ice laden winter blast.  It’s not perfect but it is now looking slightly better. And the upside is that if the CCDU decide to confiscate it, it is now more or less weather tight and in one piece. (sort of).  Which makes it much easier to value. The implications of that are obvious.

We have taken the scaffolding down at this stage, as we are not too worried about gold plating the building at the moment, security and weather protection is our main priority. I have added some before and after photos below.

June 2011-with “air conditioned hole in the wall”

October 2012, Not finished, but complete!

Oh well, just another unhappy day in an unhappy city.


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