Why were the small CBD Businesses abandoned to their fate?

I had an interesting phone call  from the company that services Fire Extinguishers.  You are right it sounds boring   …. but… as is usual in Christchurch the conversation turned from work to the earthquakes.   Here was yet another business that felt that many of the small businesses in Christchurch were abandoned by CERA/CCC/Government. This companies view was that not enough had been done to help the small businesses in CHCH to relocate, get their gear, start-up.   I read that after the L’Aquila earthquake in Italy in 2009 small containers were used to re house retail businesses. The other issue that puzzles me greatly is: why is the city centre not a sea of relocatable buildings?  It would be a cheap short-term solution. This was not offered here. And unless you were invited to the Re-Start container mall in Cashel Street – and that was for a select few, by invitation only.  Only larger businesses were offered any help, and again only those that were deemed by the authorities “to have a good chance of recovery.”

Many small businesses  have been abandoned by CERA, the Government and Recover Canterbury. The organisations tasked to assist us, they picked what they perceived were “winners and losers” ie those of us who would or could survive and those they perceived would not.

There are an awful lot of unhappy business people in Christchurch. This is the stuff that causes revolutions.  Bring it on!


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