CCDU – “Where the hell are you”?

Locked out of undamaged factory for 618 days

Do we still own our building?  I don’t know!  94 days.

So it goes on, no decisions, no communication, no certainty, no help, no support. Christchurch building owners have been more than patient and in return we get…. nothing!

One wonders if the CCDU actually have a plan, the consensus amongst the building owners I have spoken to would indicate that it is being developed “on the hoof”.  For heavens sake, pull out and leave us to it.

The time has come – it is long overdue, for some one with some integrity, (which seems to be seriously lacking in Government/CCDU at the moment) to actually tell us what new and complicated plans they have concocted and let us get on with our lives. We might even try to rebuild our business, if that is at all possible, as the chances of other employment in the city are decreasing by the day. ( Unless you are a labourer there is little work to be had here.)

Decision making in this environment is impossible. And they want us to return to the City?  You must be joking.  Why would you?  Most of the business people I know have been lucky enough to be able to pick up and move out-of-the-way of CERA/CCDU. I have not yet met one who is planning to return to the city.

Sound frustrated? you are right! The slow progress of repairs on the building are frustrating us enormously.  The costs are escalating out of control, the lack of productivity of the building industry is a serious concern. And the red zone fence deters any competition or outside contractors.

One wonders if hurricane Sandy will create the same management madness in New York.

Situation normal,  all stuffed up.


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