Security Issues in CBD Red Zone Contractor Enclaves…… & IAG Service addresses

Locked out of undamaged factory for 718 days….

Do we still own our building???? 191 Days….

Progress report: We have now repaired the floor in our front shop and are now framing up for the new shop front windows. The roofer is AWOL.  We have been waiting for him for over 5 months.

Did you know that while the state is quite happy to pop fencing around the High Street enclave and keep us locked out with no power, night lighting or phone lines, that they are NOT responsible for the security of the buildings that they have fenced off.

Sound a bit weird?  well it goes like this.

For about the last 4-5 months we have been having major security issues in our High Street enclave. We have nightly visits from the towns nightly wanderers: kicking in doors and windows and generally looking for stuff to loot, pillage and burn. (They have already burnt the Billens building).

We have been regularly boarding up our neighbours window and doors to no avail.(incidentally we are the only building in the block with a power source, and there are no phone lines.)  finally last week I decided that enough was enough and that CERA was responsible for creating this situation and policing our area as THEY are the owners of the outside perimeter fencing.

Well the letter to CERA goes like this:

Dear CERA…… withheld,
Hope you are well.
The lack of security in Lower high street enclave is becoming extremely concerning.
Over the last weeks we have found doors and windows kicked in, fences left open by ……..  and others, as well as no locks on fences at all..   The security is appalling.
We are well aware that Cera does not care if this block is destroyed, but we would like to restart our business and keep our machinery undamaged.
We request that some urgent action is taken.
We have already numerous times nailed our neighbours door and windows shut to no avail. They are kicked  in regularly.  Today we have nailed shut BBS front door ( kicked in) upstairs of …………,  ……… from Decadence back door kicked in, Savoy browns front door  etc…
Electronic monitoring of this area is now essential.
 We are coming up to the 2 year mark. It is not much to celebrate.  We are now so close to finishing the repairs that after all the hassles we have had we will be pissed off if we lose it to wanton destruction.
cheers Nicky Arts

Pretty harmless in my view.

Now the reply comes back like this:

Hello Nicky,
Thank you for your email and I trust all is going well for you.
I have forwarded your query to the CERA cordon manager in the CBD and can advise that:

  •    The area in question is ‘contractor controlled’ and any concerns with open fences etc should be taken up with the responsible contractor in the first instance.
  •  Notwithstanding the CERA cordon controlling access, businesses within the cordon remain responsible for their own security.
  •  The entire CBD rebuild zone is patrolled each night, although it is acknowledged that it is very difficult to maintain a 24/7 watch over every building. Regular checks are made on all ‘contractor controlled’ sites within the cordon, each working day.
  •  Business owners may want to consider sensor alarms, motion activated cameras or other appropriate measures
  • Any theft, vandalism or tagging should be reported the Police immediately.  

The CERA cordon manager has informed his contacts within the Police that your area has been targeted recently.

Now I have a number of issues with this:

  • We are the only building with power in the street and we keep it switched off at night for fire reasons.
  • There is no Street lighting
  • There is no traffic
  • There are no people to be our ears and eyes.
  • There are no phone lines to aid monitoring
  • CERA put the fence in place and pays for it
  • CERA is responsible for maintenance of the fence
  • CERA locked the block up in the first place
  • CERA demands that we get red zone passes before we enter the fence
  • CERA demands that we abide by Red Zone rules.
  • Gee I should ring the police when we get tagged or vandalised????   He must be joking! They will laugh me off the planet.
  • So the contractor who is working on 2 of the buildings out of 16 in the street is responsible for night-time security of all  16 properties???   I think not!
  • Why is CERA putting fences up at all if they are not responsible for them???

The problem with all this is that CERA have needlessly locked these areas up and in doing so they have created a situation where there is no traffic or public eyes.   The fencing is not proper security fencing and it has more holes in it than a sieve.

The fencing is about keeping these areas locked up until the CCDU can acquire the buildings at “market rate”   ie think cheap. The fencing is an attempt to keep the prices down. The small land owners in the frame are subsidizing the large land owners in the central CBD. Democracy in Christchurch is well and truly dead.  One could be forgiven for thinking that “The rich get richer and the rest of us go broke.”

Interestingly enough the Billens building is still lying in the street.  It has not been cleaned up. I can not work out why.  If it was my building I would have had a section 39- “demolish order” before breakfast the next morning.

On Another subject:

I have been sent this information by another building owner who is having issues with his insurance company IAG.  Funny that.  A familiar story in Christchurch. IAG has been playing hardball with its claimants for some time. This Building owner is not on his own, but this one is more persistent than some!   Go for it!  I will see if I can con a summary of his situation from him. It may make interesting reading.  You must be bored stupid with us 🙂  We are well and truly sick of it as well.

130131 IAG Service address

Another sunny day in Shattered Christchurch…


7 thoughts on “Security Issues in CBD Red Zone Contractor Enclaves…… & IAG Service addresses

  1. You forget to mention that the CCC EQ Prone policy requiring 66% of code has been over ruled by the High Court. This means 100s of buildings assessed as too expensive to repair to 66% of the code and subsequently demolised may have in fact been economic to repair to 33% of code. The destruction of a great part of CHCH may prove to have been a grave mistake.

    • Hi Tony, You are right. I got sidetracked by my latest war with CERA.
      I also suspect that most of the DEE’s that have been done may need to be reassessed. I am afraid that will need a page all on its own. But we always knew that they pulled too much down. Now they may just have to admit it.
      Feel free to send me your assessment of the implications! regards Nicky

      • I think CCC will need some good Lawyers to defend multi million class action claims against them. They have real liability for Building repair consents issued under the defunct EQ policy.

  2. @ Tony Ward

    Funny how so few CBD buildings have been left standing, that by now the decision is almost moot, but still a few owners will no doubt be pointing out this very relevant sea-change to the vultures at CCDU

    Surprising that the heritage lobbyists have not already started to point out that many heritage buildings also fell victim to Council’s illegal rule-making.

    How much input did CERA have into this, as a tool to get rid of those “old dungers”? Like most things that have happened these last 2 years, maybe the truth will come out one day, or have the paper-shredding machines at CERA been working harder than that?

    • I have no doubt that the shredding machines have been working overtime at CERA. It will take Official Information Act to sort out some of the truth. But it is carefully buried as deeply as possible.
      The demolishing of 80% of the CBD had to be a decision taken at the highest level. I have speculated about who was at that meeting, my guess would be John Hamilton, Warrick Issacs, Mr Brownlie, some Engineers??? I think I can guess who. (They were obviously not specialists in retro fitting buildings). Some sort of random policy decision was made to demolish everything that was less than 100% of the code. This very flawed decision is going to be proved to be an embarrasement in the future. Basically they panicked.
      There was also a policy decision made to make repairs impossible or nearly so.
      I wonder what the implication are for the insurance companies and the payouts that they have made. Will they try to claw back payments for buildings that were illegally demolished? The ones that could have been repaired to above 33% of code?? As you point out, its a bit of a moot point really.
      regards nicky

      • Do we REALLY believe that the Official Information Act operates in such a way that people like Isaacs and his sidekicks cannot destroy records of communications?

  3. Hi, I live in hope! But as you well know this whole saga is going to be well and truly swept under the carpet of time. It will be years before the truth is told. We will be long dead I suspect.

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