CCDU Design retains one way streets…..

The “New” transport plan: Link here: for the city has kept the one street system.  Their logic defies belief.  Internationally one way streets are a dead duck.  Most cities in the world, Including Dunedin and Auckland  are converting their one way streets back to 2 way.  They are race tracks through central city areas, “that result in diminished livability and population,  struggling businesses, unattractiveness, vacant land and buildings, lower property values and lower city rate revenues.”  Jill Bradley, Submission Christchurch Transport Plan 2013. CCDU+CERA+Transport+2+Way+better+than+one.pdf

This is the most compelling readable summary that I have seen of the futility of retaining the one way street system.  A failed 1960-1970 experiment.

You would think that the CCDU would have read the literature and looked at the evidence in front of them.  The degradation of Lichfield St, St Asaph streets, Barbadoes St…  etc was obvious to all.  The property values were low, the buildings derelict.

We fought the CCC 10 years ago when they wanted to convert Tuam Street to one way,  now the CCDU want to reinvent the wheel.  Will they never learn.???

And you wonder why Christchurch people are so frustrated?  Stupidity is alive and well here.

Ps Dunedin has just announced that they are converting their one way systems back to 2 way. Link Here:

A great looking plan to revitalise the CBD.  A pity that the CCDU has not listened to international experts.

A plan done on the cheap again??

The High Street Heritage precinct will be trapped between 3 one way streets/racetracks. Not a happy scenario.

Interesting to note that the CCC thinks that by landscaping these streets, and slowing the traffic down they might mitigate the worst of the effects.  This is a cop-out. It does not and will not solve the problem.  Unfortunately the CCDU and the CCC are totally dysfunctional as a working unit.

One way streets are a failed 1960’s experiment.  They should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

ho humm, how do you fight such stupidity???


4 thoughts on “CCDU Design retains one way streets…..

  1. I think most CBD property and business owners have given up fighting this stupidity. Hence the permanent exodus of capital and business out of Christchurch. I am one of the unfortunate building owners on the one way Barbadoes St. It is one only remaining 2 storey brick building on this street. I have torn up plans to redevelope this building into more dwellings. Its too hard now that one way traffic is being retained.

  2. Hi Tony, I agree that most CBD property and building owners have given up. The problem with doing so is that we let these issues pass unnoticed which is what they want. I have made it my mission since the earthquakes to be a thorn in their sides. I may not be making much impression but I am sure as hell going to make sure they know that we think they are idiots. Even if it is just for the record!
    I said to someone the other day that the idea is “don’t get depressed, get angry.” Its not the kiwi way, but than you and I are not yet fully Kiwi yet eh!
    I despair of the building owners that are just looking at the small picture.

  3. The submissions made on the central City transport plan apparently are to remain secret and not to be disclosed to the public. Furthermore, rumour has it that a select group (or individual), who are not trained planners, are the gatekeepers of the submissions. It is important that we are able to view the concerns of our fellow citizens on such an important matter.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. It seems to be a continuation of the situation in Christchurch whereby the CCDU/Cera/Government are not using those with the correct training/skills to make the much needed decisions. I wonder if this is a cost saving excerise? In the long run it is false economy. I am not aware of who exactly the gate keepers of the submissions are for the transport plan, but it sounds like the pattern continues. We have had so far a long list of very weird decisions: Starting with Engineers who demolished buildings from photos of the frontage; the Locking up of the CBD area for 2 years; mass confiscations of land in both the CBD and the residential red zone; a recovery plan that forgot to take along the excisting business owners; a transport plan that is so out of date that it is laughable and so the list goes on… could get you down…

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