Interesting Media Spin Week in Christchurch…

Locked out of undamaged factory for 737 days.

Do we own our building?  who knows?  210 days.

What an interesting week.  The Brownlee media spin has been sickening to watch.

Firstly we had the “Cera well being survey”.  What a crock of scatology that was. The analysis of CERA was well and truly flawed.  I am dismayed that the media did not do their home work and check the logic.   It was very effectively dealt with by this link:   I can not improve on the analysis.

And to add insult to injury we have the Renaming of the Red Zone.  We are now the “Rebuild zone.”

More sickening spin from the very verbose Mr Brownlee.  This article by Michael Wright  comments: “It may yet help Cantabrians move on that little bit more, and lead them to believe Christchurch is on the mend, but the numbers in the rebuild zone speak for themselves.” Link Here:

Than an interesting article in the NZ Herald By James Dann:  Titled:

Two years, little progress in Christchurch

He talks about the Green frame.  (One of my pet hates.)  And he gives the rational for it. I am of course in complete agreement with him.

“The centre of the Blueprint is the Frame, the massive property purchase that will shrink the effective size of the city’s core. It has been a great sell by the Government; they call it the Green Frame – it lets them say that they’ve listened to people, that they want to build the eco-friendly, sustainable city that so many people called for in the Share an Idea process. But what they are really doing is using their dictatorial powers to acquire great tracts of land in the central city. The rationale being – and they have made no bones about this – to maintain property prices for those who own land within the frame by reducing the supply of land. Millions of dollars will be spent to maintain the property prices of some of Christchurch’s richest men.”  Link Here:

One thing that is standing out at the moment is the number of blogs and links starting to comment on the true reality here.  They paint a rather different picture to the official picture that is being pushed. Two links here.

All in all.  Status normal.

On a more positive note. We have started on our new front windows.  As soon as they go in on thursday!!!!  I will post a picture.  We will than have the glorious and dubious honour of being the only repaired unit in a block of 16.  Totally isolated,  no foot traffic, or vehicles, surrounded on one side by a collapsed building and on the other side by un reinforced and un strengthened buildings.  And the globe building is still lying in the middle of the street. What has CERA been doing these last 2 years???   I can not answer that question without degenerating to naughty words. And that is not very lady like. he he!

I have heard that CERA has now reached the end of its mandated/legislated time –  2 years.  I am expecting a heap of spin shortly telling Christchurch how much they have achieved and how good a job they have done, and they are no longer needed,  (All with the elections in mind of course.)

Oh well I suppose I had better go and do some real work and pack a few mail orders.  Much more productive is it not!

Have a lovely day.  Try not to believe what you read in the newspaper.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Media Spin Week in Christchurch…

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    • Hi, the lack of answers is one of the most frustrating of all our issues. The powers that be not only seem incapable of making decisions but incapable of openness and honesty.
      The trick is to stay sane. I have days where I have my doubts. 🙂

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