Political-events-banned-from-red-zone- yeah right!

Locked out of undamaged factory for 746 days

Do we still own our building…. 219 days…. and who knows.

Now this has got me seeing red….  Political events banned from the red zone????  My God what hypocrisy.  Bad call Roger Sutton.

The red zone is all about politics.

  • It is about keeping property values high for wealthy CBD land owners….
  • It is about redistribution of land …
  • It is about the destruction of infrastructure by Government….
  • It is about jobs for the “boys”…
  • It is a place to take Rachael Hunter and every politician in the world who comes here on a tour….
  • It is about power, game playing
  • It is about Politics….


ps I refuse to call it the rebuild zone.  There is not much of that going on… and I am not the only one thinking this.  A interesting comment by Tony Sewell:

Property sector leader Tony Sewell told a gathering of property owners that the central business district was at risk. Once buildings were up inside the core, businesses would already be settled outside it and would not shift back.

“We are bogged down in processes and reports but nothing is getting built,” Sewell said. link here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/christchurch-earthquake-2011/8372027/Call-for-action-on-city-centre

By the way:  we now have front windows,  no glass but hey lets not get picky!  That comes next week, after I have painted a structural RHS with 20 coats of fire retardant paint.  Yep that is correct 20 coats.  Sounds mad I know, but there is some weird system that must be followed.

IMGP3961ho humm another wasted day in the  Dead, whoops sorry Red Zone….


2 thoughts on “Political-events-banned-from-red-zone- yeah right!

  1. one of the unsung heroes of the “recovery”, that’s what you are!

    I can’t help but wonder how they are going to deal to you as the nuisance you have been, but I suspect you will soon be getting approached to dress in blue and to appear arm in arm with Brownlee, Isaacs, Sutton and Antony Gough in front of the cameras

    There’s not a lot of babies to kiss in the fiasco-zone, so what about it, aye? Do you fancy becoming another poster-girl for the establishment?

    • Oooowww shucks Bruce I can’t wait. All that kissing of frogs and some considerably lower level animals! No princes there I am afraid. Drat! Are you suggesting that I have been a nuisance? now now! A thorn in their sides perhaps, but not terribly effective I am afraid. If I remember correctly the last guy that had a official foundation layering ceremony in the Dead/Red Zone has had his new building acquired and it will be demolished. I have had some fears that I might get approached as the poster- “girl” of High Street, ( I am afraid girl does not quite fit the image, old lady might be closer to the mark, these last 2 years have added considerable years to my life, I am about to bring out the walking stick!).
      I suspect that they will wisely leave me alone. Seriously though, we will need to have a friends and family opening, may be some snarlers, beers, canapes! Regards Nicky – thanks for the laugh!

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