Red Zone is very dangerous- do not try this at home

This has got me riled.  After 2 years of telling us that High Street is very dangerous and we have to grovel for access we get this:


IMGP4023This is very dangerous, but only if you own any of these buildings.

The contractor responsible for a nearby site is irate that his safety fencing was moved. So CERA what was the motivation for this????

Now what is this you may ask?  This is a film crew, women, children, cats and dogs, (I made up the cats and dogs bit) filming against the walls ( under green tent flap) of said VERY dangerous buildings.

So the building owners get limited access and a film crew gets to play games in our back yard.  Humm  I could be said to be mildly annoyed.  Than we saw the crew doing some weeding !  ha ha the greenery getting a bit much for you eh!

When I went to take a photo of said activity this is what I got:

IMGP4017Blocking tactics.

You are very silly people.   If you had any guts at all you would come and ask us why we are annoyed and find out what is really happening to the CBD red Zoned properties. And find out how the building owners are being screwed over by CCDU.

On this subject I went to a meeting the other day, where over 50 Building owners were spitting tacks at the crappy treatment they are getting from the CCDU.  The prices being offered are pitiful, the valuations being done by the tame valuers employed by the CCDU are less than professional to say the least. A point well made by one attendee of this meeting. His comments were well received.

It is very clear that this is not “willing seller willing buyer”.  How they can maintain this fiction is beyond belief.

Gosh I am getting grumpy in my old age.
Another day in paradise.

PS work has ground to a halt again as we wait for the Engineer.  Again….


4 thoughts on “Red Zone is very dangerous- do not try this at home

  1. Quick questions:
    How many of those property owners voted National in hopes of a solid and fair business approach to running the government? How many would do so again?

    I ask this because if we are going to change things we will need to change who we are voting for, who we choose to place our trust in.

    As a local I am wondering if I have cause to hope for change? Will the upcoming elections find voters turning up and voting based on what we have been subjected to? The core question is; dare I hope that people are willing to take back responsibility for running their own community? Who among us has the integrity, skills and public presence to successfully run for office? Volunteers are needed.

    • Hi You ask some good questions. I do not have good answers. I would guess that many property owners voted National in the hope that they would be business friendly, or at least business competent. They have failed at both local and national level- in my humble view, on both counts.
      I do think that Christchurch will vote this time on its experience with the National government. But is it enough to bring about change? I also agree with your comment about the integrity, skills and public presence needed to run for office. There seem to be few people with these skills or the will. I have my days where I think there is hope, but increasingly I along with many other building owners, us small ones any way, throw my hands up in despair, and wonder how I can get out of the CBD and never return to it.
      thanks for your comments.

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