CCDU flip-flops again. New-CBD-buildings-to-be-demolished

The insanity of CERA/CCDU continues. Westende House,  a brand new, tenanted building in Manchester Street (130% of the New Building code) to be demolished for a wider roadway.   Another CERA/CCDU “flip-flop”.  You can not trust what they say.  And expect them to renege on their word. Not much more you can say about them is there.  Their actions speak for themselves.

Interestingly, this building was seen as “a symbol of the recovery” and used as such by CERA. Whoops!  Got that spin wrong. Again.

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Scary stuff really.  Does not encourage one to repair, rebuild or act in a positive manner.

I notice that this morning another key investor has taken his funds elsewhere.  Some one needs to explain to CERA/CCDU  what “capital flight” means. Sigh!   why did we stay?  I must inform my family that if we ever have another big one, they should leave immediately.

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They just don’t get it do they.  A notable lack of experience I am afraid and an unwillingness to bring in the skills that we need.

Its a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the best one can do is ignore them and hope that sooner or later they will go away.


7 thoughts on “CCDU flip-flops again. New-CBD-buildings-to-be-demolished

    • The worry is that McFarlane is only one of a large number of big investors pulling out. I know of many more who are not reinvesting. The CCDU/CERA/MBIE are too slow, too restrictive and too untrained to see the big picture.

  1. Thanks for sharing your side of the situation for business owners in the city. It is important for future references. Keep it up and stand for your rights.

    • Thank you Bruce. Unfortunately one small annoying building owner can not make a big dent in the powers that be. But thanks for reading of our troubles and putting up with the moaning! I am sure some shrink will tell me its good therapy. But yes you are correct, one of the main reasons I am persisting is that it is important that in the future someone told the story. My only claim to fame I am afraid.

  2. This latest news does not surprise me. That’s why I am in Sydney at the moment. I have no interest is wasting rebuild money in Christchurch. AJ Ward

    • Unfortunately I can not leave until this farce plays it self out. My prediction is: They will demolish the Duncans block. Regardless of the fact that they told us to continue repairs. The lies, misinformation and flip flops speak for them selves. Enjoy Sydney, need anyone to carry your bags?

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