Land Grab in Christchurch

An excellent piece by Sarah Miles.  It is a must read! Link below.

It reflects the feelings of most of us building owners in the CBD.  Most of us feel a deep sense of shame that the New Zealand government is treating its people like this. It is creating a deep sense of grievance not seen since the Maori land wars.  A lasting legacy that we should be deeply concerned about. This is not “willing seller willing buyer.” This is compulsory acquisition to benefit the more wealthy sectors of the community.

Her comment about 3rd world tactics resonates strongly.

“The time has come when the Government/CERA has begun to ‘negotiate’ with land owners, both commercial and residential in the red zone in Christchurch, for the pieces of ground they will on-sell to big developers so that these corporates can create multi-million dollar shopping malls and precincts for their shareholders. It is clear that it will be the current owners of the land who will lose out. The Government’s ‘valuations’ for the land will leave many out of pocket.  The Crown states that it is basing its ‘land settlements’ on market valuations, including ‘recent sales, the condition of the land, insurance, and location’. Most do not believe this to be the true picture.”

“What I am struck by here in Christchurch, is the lack accountability, lack of transparency and the incredible and spectacular lack of ‘diplomacy’. What is currently transpiring is far removed from agreed initial proposals for land acquisition and is so politically motivated as to be a subject of derision, were it not so serious. There is no doubt that it will also prove to be economically damaging to the people of Christchurch and to New Zealand’s image abroad- and let’s face it people are watching. The whole affair must be deeply embarrassing to those within government who are attuned to current economic realities, but are unable to prevent their ‘leader’ and the CERA boss from continuing to plot their current course. ‘Plot’ is probably the correct term!” Link Here:
Great to see these articles starting to appear.  For a while there it seemed that we were a lone voice in the wilderness.
The sun is shining, I am out of work and it’s just another day in the Southern frame.  Is today the day of my compulsory acquisition order.   Nah, they only release them on Fridays, it keeps the publicity and comment to a minimum.
I suspect that CERA/CCDU/PropertyGroup employes more spin doctors than there is fish in the ocean.

2 thoughts on “Land Grab in Christchurch

  1. Hi Cardmaker

    I really enjoy your site. Please keep speaking up.

    I wrote the large submission on the one-way streets you referred to a couple of months back.

    I wanted to let you know there is an excellent interview by Bill Demeter on Plains FM of Graham Newson, principal of all traffic and transport in Perth. Perth is returning all it’s one-ways to two-way. Graham explains why. Perth is having great results as are the many many other cities. This interview supports everything I said in my submission. Why Christchurch continues to ignore research, ignore the experience of other cities and the world wide trend, ignore the advice of consultants that Melbourne and Perth have used with great results and continues to promote transport policy that runs counter to livability and rejuvenation is bizarre – all the while saying we are going to be a modern cutting edge people oriented city. Can you explain this???

    So I encourage you to listen to this interview. Can you promote it on your site?

    Kind regards
    Jill Bradley

    • Hi Jill, I hope you did not mind my “hijacking” and linking to your submission, It is excellent, well thought out and well researched.
      I will definitely have a listen to the Graham Newson interview, and put up the link. Why the powers that be are persisting with the one way streets leaves me speechless. Just one more frustration for us to cope with. After 2 years of battling I am afraid there is very little that I can explain and make sense off.But like you I can not see “a modern cutting edge people oriented city” particularly when capital flight is becoming a major issue.
      Thanks for reading my blog, I am not sure “enjoy” is the right word. I have been ranting on for a while now.
      thanks Nicky

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