Christchuch Earthquakes-Locked out of undamaged factory for 800 days…

Locked out of undamaged earthquake strengthened factory for 800 days.

Do we still own our building?  who knows – 273 days…… We wait for “the powers that be” to see what has been proposed for our area. Who knows what nonsense they are cooking up.  I have my suspicions.  An Easter Island statue or monuments!

Today is not a day to celebrate for us. 800 days today.   What a waste of a small productive manufacturing company.  What a waste of resources, skills, talent. What a way in which to stuff a functioning business. If you ever wanted proof that manufacturing was undervalued we are a prime example.  I bet you anything you like that if we were Fonterra we would not have been treated in this manner.

Why have the building owners in our block been allowed to stall repairs?

Why is the Billens building still lying in the street,?

Why is there no progress???

England Bros Building, destroyed by meaningless arson.

England Bros Building, destroyed by meaningless arson.

CERA and the CCDU should be ashamed of themselves. The policies that they have followed have allowed companies in similar circumstances to ours to continue to function in damaged buildings as long as they were outside the red zone fence.

The city must be opened up, their policy’s have stalled repairs and progress.

We are Still waiting for Engineers Report so until that happens all progress is halted.printing machinery under wraps - doing nothing

On another subject:!

Well this is interesting.  The cost of the Christchurch rebuild escalates.  Are we really surprised?   There are a number of reasons:

Time delays, demolition of too much infrastructure, delays in Insurance payments, under insurance, the building of “white elephant ” buildings as proposed by the CCDU (covered stadiums, enormous convention centres. Monuments to stupidity, a bit like an Easter Island statue)

I notice that the Engineers institute is finally talking about the over conservative building evaluations being done around the country. (There was a case in Greymouth recently where 5 engineers came up with 5 different figures, from memory ranging from 3%- 120% of NBS)) Interesting that no one has yet had the guts to say that these same evaluations were done in Christchurch following the earthquakes and are still being done.  Remember many months ago that i was bemoaning the evaluations done by the CERA Engineers from looking at photos of the outside of the buildings.?   (Of course there were some that were obvious write-offs, but if you look at the city today you have to wonder if they will ever admit that they got it wrong.)

Dr Kit Miyamoto, a Japanese Earthquake Engineer, who was at the Engineering conference in Wellington a few days ago, (that has not been reported in the Press, nor can I find any links to his speech, I might add) stated that the lock down should be opened up as it was holding up progress and that the retro fitting of buildings needs to undergo a re assessment ie the basics need to be done first and then followed up.  ( ie stop fronts falling on the road)

I am hoping to find some links to this conference, if I can I will keep you informed.

ho humm another day in the war zone that is Christchurch


2 thoughts on “Christchuch Earthquakes-Locked out of undamaged factory for 800 days…

  1. Thank you for staying strong and vocal. We all need to know how badly we are being failed by the powers that be. It is appalling that The Press did not cover Kit Miyamoto’s presentation or even the conference. Deliberate; or merely incompetence?

    • Hi, thanks for the support. Yes I am very puzzled by the lack of reporting of this conference in Wellington. I have heard a few interviews on radio Nz , mainly Kit Miyamoto and John Hare, another CHCH engineer.(talking about the difficulties of consistent Engineering assessments ) But I have seen no written reports. I have been unable to find copies of the speeches at this stage. Deliberate? I am afraid that I am starting to think so. I have a horrible feeling that the “code of silence” has somehow been managed. Paranoia? perhaps! Remembering that CERA is probably one of the Press’s biggest advertisers.

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