Southern Response…. well this is interesting….

Locked out of undamaged factory for 815 days and still counting…..

Do we still own our building… Who knows 288 days….

Southern Response phoned me……. my gosh that would have to be a first.  After 2.3 years.  They phoned in response (ha ha no pun intended ) to a phone call made by a family member on my behalf who unbeknown to me had called them.  My efforts to get some action in the past 2.3 years have been fruitless, even though I am living/squatting in an unsafe demo.  I have emailed, phoned and done all I could to move them along.  They actually came and inspected the “retaining walls”. The ISSUE I was told!  The ones that are not really retaining walls, just heaps of rubble holding up a path around the side of the house. The long and the short of it is that they worked out that they are not a issue.  They will be demolished with the house and do not need to be rebuilt.

Arrow PMO ???  where the  hell are you????

I will go and bang my head against the wall for a while until I feel better.

This is what I have been telling them for 2.3 years.

ho humm another black hole at Southern No Response.

I see that they are patting themselves on the back about how well they have done.  They have cleared 30% of their claims.  ha ha I bet most of these are in the red zone and I bet they were demolished by CERA.  Lets see the figures.  If you look at the figures link below: they have rebuilt 104 houses since July 2011.  Under construction they have 149 houses.  At this rate I estimate it will be 25 years before they have finished rebuilding our houses.  (100 a year with approx. 2500 to rebuild)


An Interesting Opinion Piece by Mai Chen.

‘With less than five months until local body elections, politicians will soon begin campaigning on how they have and are going to make a difference for Cantabrians.’

Oh our patience is well and truly worn out now.  Bring on these elections, and bring on the national elections next year.  I think it will be a “Sea of red and Green” in the South.

Ho humm No progress on any fronts sorry.  High Street building is a black hole. Cera/CCDU is totally ineffective in pushing the recalcitrant building owners along, the globe building is still lying in the street after 7 months, my next door neighbours have not lifted a brick in 2.3 years. Progress stalled. Again.


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