South frame Innovation Precinct….. and weasel words….

I read an interesting article in the Sunday Star Times 24 June 2013 by Rob O’Neill, it refered to weasel words.  Being in the South Frame of the Innovation Precinct, this rather resonated with me.

Link Here:

“An informal term for equivocating words and phrases aimed at creating an impression that something specific and meaningful has been said, when in fact only a vague or ambiguous claim, or even a refutation has been communicated.”- Wikipedia

“innovation” is rapidly becoming a business weasel word, a word dropped into formulaic sentences in management meetings and investor presentations alongside “going forward”, “sustainable”, “strategy” and many others.

The paper work I get about the Innovation Precinct is full of weasel words.

You may Remember a few weeks ago – 30 May 2013, I tried to engage with the “powers that be” ie anything that starts with CERA/CCDU/MBIE/CCC (Its a form of alphabet soup really.)

The original email I wrote was rather short, to the point and somewhat annoyed!  As usual.  Link here:

Well after a deafening silence my inbox has been buried in responses.  humm,one does wonder does one not.

The first letter arrived dated the 17th of June 2013. “Innovation Precinct Update.”  That made me laugh. Update???  that implies prior communications.  Drat must have missed that.  As far as I am aware this is the first contact in 2 and a half years.

hs1hs2Gee I love this stuff.. “spatial framework,” “new opportunities,” “we would like to involve you” ho humm.

Oh well at least they are suggesting that they may talk to us which is a change. Personally I suspect that it will be pretty token stuff.

This letter was followed a few days later with a letter from the big man himself Roger Sutton.

1383 Arts letterThank you for your patience.  Stop annoying us please.

This was closely followed by a phone call no less, from The Property Group Ltd.  (they are the ones offering crazy low ball offers for the land you own!) To encourage us to attend the meeting.  A one on one meeting  with CERA, the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, Canterbury Development Corporation and the Architectus Team. ( Gee I count 4 organisations)

I will keep you posted about the outcome of said meeting. I am watching with some interest.

On a more interesting note: We start gibbing the ceiling upstairs today. So that is some progress at least.

And in a few weeks we are going to open the factory up to the public.  We are going to create a “pop up shop” in the factory.  That should be interesting.

ho humm, the sun is trying to shine and every day above ground is a good day.


2 thoughts on “South frame Innovation Precinct….. and weasel words….

  1. Thank-you for being brave and for sharing your ongoing trials. These words will become important evidence in future, probably with a change in government and when the real agenda of this government becomes known. Time has a way of highlighting these things.

    • Hi Bart, I have documented our trails out of pure frustration with the management of this so called recovery. It has become clear to me that very few building owners are willing to expose themselves to revenge attacks by CERA by doing what I have done. For some reason they have left me more or less alone. Partly because we are making progress. You are correct though, in the future I think this record will become important. A level of infamy I did not really aspire to! I can think of easier ways to spend 3 years …. many thanks for your thoughts and feedback. Roll on the elections- The first change needs to start at the top of CERA! Nicky

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