Innovation Precinct Update meetings…..

ha ha that was a joke.

Innovation Precinct update meeting.  Supposedly a one on one meeting.  Funny I counted 4 of them. (Contrary to what I had been told.)  CERA x 2, MBIE and Architectus( designer of said spatial plan) We felt ambushed immediately. Luckily I had taken my “annoying” brother Joe along.  He reckons that he was not needed, I was annoying enough myself without his help.

I cannot call this meeting a success. In fact TOTAL FAILURE springs to mind.

It goes like this: You go in and they push a 27 page A3 sized “Spatial Framework for Christchurch’s Innovation precinct Report Summary, Draft v1-1 July 2013 (for discussion and feedback only) in front of us and want to go through it line by line.  ( Printed In 6 point light grey type of course.)

This document should have been given to us at least a week earlier, it is impossible to do it justice in one hour, from a stone cold point.

Any way after 10 minutes of “spatial frame-work,” “design principles,” “high spatial elements,” “urban gateways” and “vision” it became apparent to me that we were not going to get anywhere.

So in true Dutch fashion I decided to interrupt and cut to the heart of the matter. The questions I asked were: ” What are you going to do with the Duncan’s Block, are you going to pull it down? Are you going to purchase our site, if so when?  How and when are you going to force the building owners to repair their sections of the building? When is the debris going to be moved from the street?”

In my mind these are all good relevant questions,  to us anyway.

From there on it all went DOWN hill fast, we did not get anywhere, nothing achieved, confusion increased, no certainty given. Not part of their duties or brief.

  • The architect present at the meeting had not been in the Duncan’s buildings and did not appear to want to. (He had walked along the street.)
  • Trapping the Duncan’s buildings between two one ways is pointless, (Tuam/St Asaph) it will not encourage pedestrian movement. Creates an Island.
  • Looks like they want to create a 7 metre wide alley way behind our building, pity about the building behind us being in the way.!  whoops.
  • Looks like High street will virtually be a walkway only.  Back to 1960’s
  • Interestingly the plan looks virtually identical to the original Lichfield lanes project.  Alleyways, open spaces, etc.  The only difference being that we are going to get corrugated iron sheds instead of old warehouses.

I won’t go on and bore you with the rest of it, but really, what was the aim of this meeting? What did they hope to achieve?  What ever it was they did not achieve it with us anyway. They had no idea what we had used the building for or what we had planned.

Just one more totally pissed off building owner. It would almost be funny if it was not symptomatic of the problems we face in Christchurch.

Obviously we entered that meeting with the wrong idea, they were not there to help us move forward, just dish out more of the same stalling tactics and garbage that we have faced for the last two and a half years.

ho humm, that was a very grumpy day.


2 thoughts on “Innovation Precinct Update meetings…..

  1. the CERA bullies don’t do one-on-one very well. A certain Ross Mosley springs to mind.

    But, then, what bullies do?

    • You are right, I was naive! Next time remind me to invite you! You would have had a ball. I was hoping that sense had prevailed. Silly me! I do not think they will be proud of the way this meeting went. I will not bother to go to any more unless we have some rules laid down. Is Mosley still around??

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