Detroit outcome for High Street

Locked out of undamaged factory for 885 days – (since Feb 2011)

Do we still own our building????   who knows – 359 days since designated “South frame”- only 4 +more years to go before we get told if we are going to be compulsorily acquired by CCDU

I have heard a bit of discussion by Connal Townsend New Zealand Property Council???.  today on the Detroit outcome. He was referring to the 3 options that building owners had for Heritage buildings. 1. demolish, 2. strengthen. 3 Board up and walk away ie abandon.

Abandon:  is exactly what has happened to High Street.  All but 2 building owners have effectively walked away from their buildings.  In most cases they are now abandoned and boarded up.  I still can not fathom why CERA/CCDU/MBIE and what  ever other alphabet soup you can come up with have tolerated this situation. One of the biggest offenders is the Heritage Trust.  They are  responsible for the Billens building and Mckenzie and Willis.  I have no idea what they are doing, obviously they do not know either.

Interestingly I can find no mention in the newspapers of this rather pertinent comment by Connal Townsend.

Today also I saw an excellent summary of the situation in the frames.  Puddleglum has an excellent grasp of the situation,  it is a must read: link here:  Much to my amusement he/she refers to some of my rants, many thanks for the interest that you are taking in our situation.  As you all know, frustration at our situation is spilling over.  Which is why there has been a bit of a silence from me. The lack of progress with Engineering and repairs is a constant source of irritation for me.  I decided that a bit of R&R was needed!

Progress on our building:  I have some gib on the upstairs ceiling and they will start on the floor “soon”.  Its like watching paint dry!  I am in the process of hassling the long-suffering Engineer.  The builder better watch out as well!

Status normal for Christchurch. All stuffed up.


2 thoughts on “Detroit outcome for High Street

  1. Same old story Will you ever have a happy ending. .

    I now have 16 dwellings in litigation with EQC. I am certain this is a NZ record..

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