Time to make a decision CERA/CCDU….

On a lighter note, for a change.  Our infamy continues:

The Christchurch Mail, accurately captures our frustration with the High Street situation.  Great picture of brother Joe.  (I am very camera-shy!)  Our thanks to Abbie Napier of the Christchurch Mail. Link Here:  http://fairfaxmedia.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx

My phone has been running hot with calls from friends and family.  I have also had many offers of support from some of our very loyal customers. I believe from the feedback I have had from the journalist that “Cera is not happy with me, and deny my accusations”. They have the right of reply.  That’s fine!   The facts are hard to refute. One only needs to look at our block to see that we have serious issues that have NOT been addressed.  Their response is flawed as usual. If I get a moment this week I will pop some pictures on the blog so you can see the state of the buildings.

(By the way we have a resident possom in the street, it is living in our veranda, one of my duties next week is “to sort that problem out.”)  I will not distress any squeamish readers by giving details.  Apologies for the graphic, it is classic New Zealand. My thanks to Meta Whiteside for its use.)


Mail Nicky Story

On a more serious note I notice that Minister Brownlee has “rejected criticism” from 3 business leaders about the situation in the central city.  These are respected members of the community and they did not get to be in the position that they are today by being foolish men. They would not have written the letter they did lightly.  It is good to see some of our leaders finally taking the time to reflect the concerns that many of us small business and building owners have been commenting on for many months.

“Bruce Irvine, chairman of council-owned Christchurch City Holdings Ltd and Heartland Bank, Christchurch “rich lister” Humphry Rolleston, and Tony Sewell, chief executive of Ngai Tahu Property, suggest the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) – set up as a government department reporting directly to Brownlee – is seriously underpowered.”

“Time is of the essence; already too many commercial tenants have voted with their feet and left the city,” Brownlee has been told.”

We would go too if we could. Oh I wish.

“Complaints the CCDU lacks commercial nous and that an independent board is needed as a buffer between its staff and the minister have been echoed by other senior Christchurch figures, such as former National MP and cabinet minister Philip Burdon. He described confidence in the central city rebuild as dangerously fragile and said the Government’s approach had become too bureaucratic.”

“Brownlee said the letter carried little weight.”

Hello ??  did he really say this?  I find that unbelievably naive.

Link Here:  http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/christchurch-earthquake-2011/8997840/Brownlee-rejects-rebuild-criticism

It continues to surprise me that the Government is ignoring the growing discontent in Christchurch.  (Mind you they are so busy worrying about the GCSB issues)

We can not all be wrong Minister Brownlee.

oh humm what fun this is !


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