Rebellion in Christchurch…

Locked out of undamaged factory for 919 days – (since Feb 2011)

Do we still own our building????    Now 392 days since designated “South frame, Innovation Precinct” – only 4 more years to go before we get told if we are going to be compulsorily acquired by CCDU.

This week we will finally get some progress on the new floor. The upstairs floor was so badly damaged, uneven, with holes and broken boards that it is to be replaced.  Ever watched paint dry?  That is the speed of progress at the moment._DSC3577

An interesting article by John McCrone in the press Saturday 10th August 2013 entitled:

“Rumblings of rebellion in Christchurch”.

As you all know, I would be categorised as a “carper and Moaner” by Brownlee.

Given that he has been able to move to an undamaged house, continue on with his highly paid job, he would say that. (incidentally I hate face book)

John McCrone comments that: “In Brownlee’s own words, the situation is ripe for creating “carpers and moaners” with the time to “buggerise on Facebook all day” while he gets on with the job. “But what is the broad mood of the city so far as it can be discerned? Casting around for opinions, there seems to be more a feeling of nervousness and frustration than blame or revolt.”

link here:

Rebellion? In my view,  yes, there are signs of rebellion. There is major discontent.

  • There is an undercurrent of anger within the business and building owners community about the treatment and contempt which has been dished out to us and the totally incompetent way the demolitions and forced land acquisitions have been mishandled. Many Business and Building Owners have refused to comment as they have feared for their positions and the threats of retribution have been real.  (The building owners are voting with their money, in the past few month millions of dollars of insurance money has been shifted out of Christchurch, much of it to Auckland and Australia and in some cases I believe Europe) This is money that will not be used to rebuild the city.
  • The poor planning, lack of speed and absolutely crazy decisions made have been a source of frustration to many of us. This has had a flow-on effect. I note that many businesses in the city are not doing well.  Sales are poor. (Unless you sell gib board and no more gaps!) I also suspect that there is much more unemployment and underemployment than is being stated. Particularly amongst the Woman.  Amongst my friends I notice that many former business owners in a “certain age group” are now unemployed.  Many of my friends and I are dusting off our CV’s. We are struggling to find work, partly because we are highly qualified in certain trades and perceived as too old. Many of us are not showing up in the figures.  I suggest that we all turn up at WINZ on the same day at the same time.  We are at the moment invisible. This is going to have to change.
  • Those residents on the east side of the city, wallowing in liquefaction and totally broken houses and suburbs and also the badly damaged Hill suburbs are totally frustrated with the lack of progress with our insurance claims, let alone the length of time it is taking to make land decisions.
  • The forced removal of many families from the East side will be a long festering sore in the minds of many. The process of land acquisition was brutal and cruel.

In my view, There is major discontent.

Why has there been no revolts? A very Simple answer. Of most interest to the people is the difficulties that they are having with their insurance companies and EQC. It is hard for people to care what the politicians are doing when we are living in squalor. The populations basic need of shelter has not been satisfied and until this issue is solved the people do not care what the politicians do or say. Funnily enough this is discussed in this mornings Press.  Link here:

There appears to be an unwillingness on the part of the government to deal with the Insurance companies or EQC, which is a totally flawed business model.  I think that now that Marlborough and Wellington have to go through the same apportionment issues that we did, something may finially happen.  The time for a restructure is long over due. For a start the double assessments done by both EQC and the Insurance companies is a nonsense, as is apportionment.

To understand the insurance issues have a look at the blog by Sarah Miles.  She has a handle on this issue that I do not even pretend to understand.

I am also puzzled by the unwillingness of the cities lawyers to start standing up and assisting the people with their Insurance troubles.  I have yet to fathom out why this has not happened.  Although one obvious answer to this is the big fat bill that is attached to any legal intervention.

(incidentally I needed help with a  90 page document that was pushed under my nose on a friday afternoon.  By monday morning I was being badgered to sign by Arrow and the building company.  By the time I had received the lawyers advice,  I had been badgered, threatened with being pushed to the bottom of the rebuild queue and told that I could NOT alter ANYTHING in the Arrow contract. Otherwise It would not proceed.  May as well as not gone to the lawyer I reckon. I signed under duress. What choice do I have.  2 plus years of living in a hovel does that to you.

Anyway I digress, as usual.

There has been a proliferation of banners starting to appear around the city.

The targets are:

4.9.2013 CCC issued Building consent issued in May 2012 for EQ repairs. Still no action. Street party cancelled due to rain. 20m of streamers have blown away.

CCC issued Building consent issued in May 2012 for EQ repairs. Still no action. Street party cancelled due to rain. 20m of streamers have blown away.

EQC/IAG is the target here.


8856453 1150317_508862105848216_711451882_n 458039_333436013390827_1724528907_oPlease if you have any more send them to me. I love art works.

Just received today 4.9.13


Its Spring and a mysterious sign has appeared in my front garden.  Maybe there is the remote possibility that I might get a new house????IMGP4113

The foundations are not getting any better!

The foundations are not getting any better!


4 thoughts on “Rebellion in Christchurch…

  1. My residential business has been on hold for 3 years waiting on EQC and IAG to pull fingers out. I have been unsucessfall in undertaking any EQ repairs in the last 12 months, No wonder I am a “carper and moaner” with all the the time in the world to “buggerise on Facebook every day” No wonder I have put 20 dwellings into litigation.

    • A full scale rebellion is in order I feel! Bring it on, I am a starter for civil disobedience and general “carping and moaning”. Aside from the issue of needing a job and a house. Sounds like you may be dusting off your cv as well.

  2. Without doubt, you are right on the nail regarding the city’s legal fraternity. With very few exceptions they are a bunch of spineless wimps with no social conscience, at all

    Whatever oath they take on commencing practise, I would be pretty sure they are failing to meet it, if it requires acting for the underdog and in defence of liberty

    I imagine the history books will one day analyse their lack of spine during this period

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