CCC Building consents………. For the record, no improvements here….

5.00 pm Wednesday 20th November 2013.

Mea culpa, Mea culpa, Mea culpa,

Grirr, that was fun was it not.  Building consents duty officer at the city council!  Unhelpful people.  I was attempting to see if we could get an exemption so that we could proceed with the gibing of our ceiling. It is holding up progress on the whole building.   One would think that that was not too hard!  Ceiling?  Gib… standard regulations….. 2 layers 16mm fyreline……   a no brainer…… will be signed off by Engineer anyway….

Nope “we are not amused!”

I hope they send me a wee survey to see how I think they managed my call. Probably like EQC my name will be deleted from those surveyed. lol.

Rigid, inflexible, unrealistic and lacking understanding of the issues of repairing an old dunger. I am still not sure that they want us to repair it actually.

One would have thought that given the exceptional circumstance in the city that a little flexibility was in order.  Instead I was made to feel like a criminal for asking for some leniency in what was actually not really as big a deal as they were making out.  For heavens sake we are talking gib here, not structural steel. I thought that the point of it all was to assist the building owners to move forward and “meet the needs of the city”, cut the red tape and inflexibility.  The Building consents department know that there is a city-wide problem with the DEE’s, a solution is: to use their brains and look at each case on a case by case basis.

I was amused by his challenging me on the fact that we are at 73% of the NBS. I think he thought I had made the figure up. I resent the implication.

It is interesting to note that I was told yesterday, by the Insurance Company, that many of the large project management companies have been routinely getting exemptions.  Oh the power of being a big company.

I was left with the feeling that it was all my fault that we did not have a DEE, it was my fault that we wanted to amend it, again…, and that it was pure incompetence on my part in  wanting to amend it a third time. Mea culpa, Mea culpa, Mea culpa.  I am also responsible for 12,000 earthquakes.

Anyway:  The up shot is: that they would not help us in any way. Very helpful.

I told him “I hated dealing with the building consent department as they were so anal.”  He put the phone down.  Good oh!  Does not help the progress of repairs in the city in any way.

I had hoped that they had improved procedures after the last time we dealt with them in  2010 when we got our original building consent. Looks like status quo and that no improvements have been made.  Mind you, I am somewhat confused as to why on the CCC website they have a Form B-004 called “Application for an exemption from building consent”.  It was not explained to me how in my case this would not apply! I am also aware that retrospective consents are common.

Some one prove me wrong please.  But it seems to me that as one of only a handful of building owners repairing a heritage building in the city a little bit of assistance would not be out-of-the-way. Or even an unreasonable request.

Why am I bothering???????  Some one remind me please??????

All it means is that the ply stays on the front of our building and I start to get the graffiti pen BACK out.

By the way, won’t I have fun when they put the tram down our street, I might just put roller doors on the frontage, nice bright lime green ones, that we leave down all day!  Don’t temp me!

By now the powers that be will have worked out that they can not put the tram down Tuam Street, as originally planned, (as it be facing 2 lanes of ongoing traffic.) The only option is to send it down High St and then send it back again down the other end of High Street.

Same crap, different day, different government department.

Hot off the Press!


Could not have put it better myself.  Not Guilty.   This time……..

This photo is courtesy of the press:


From the man that reckoned that there was no housing crisis in the city to the man now berating the new council for “not acting fast enough”.  Go figure!


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