Frustrations of Building Owners rise…….. Limbo on High…

  • Locked out of undamaged factory for 1111 days – (since Feb 2011)
  • Do we still own our building????    Now 484 days since designated “South frame, Innovation Precinct” – only 1343 days to go before we get told if we are going to be compulsorily acquired by CCDU.
  • Innovation precinct Plan Due:  September,  October,  November 2013 December????

Rumour has it not till march NEXT YEAR!!!!!

Still waiting…

I Love it:  Ng Gallery has had enough and decided to do some constructive Graffiti! I am going to follow their lead on this one. !

I know how they feel!

  • The Twelve Days of Christmas – NG style:
  • two many cracks
  • 3 years wait
  • 4 traffic jams
  • 5 parking lots
  • 6 loss adjusters
  • 7 forms to fill out
  • 8 public protests
  • 9 hundred hard hats
  • 10 council meetings
  • 11 thousand hi viz
  • 12 million road cones
  • and a stadium in the city.

“NG Gallery’s fate set to Christmas carol”

check this link out:

Sounds like the frustrations are starting to boil over at Ng Gallery.  They have all my sympathy.  The situation in High Street is as dire.

They have one advantage over us in that they have been able to open.

Well, what an interesting week.  The building consents issue bubbles along.

After a very annoying conversation with the Building Consents Duty officer last week, who denied I could apply for an exemption. I have since received an email from another Building Consents Officer to say “If you wish, you can apply for an exemption which can include the reinstatement of the gib ceiling. I recommend you approach your architectural designer for this process.”

Lovely man!

But Okay. So which is it???  incidentally, as I said last week, I hear on the grape-vine that heaps of building owners are using this option, as my problem with getting Engineering  paper work is not uncommon in the city.  I am now pursuing the paper work for an exemption.  sigh!

I think I have my own version of the 12 days of Christmas-  with apologies to NG!

  • The Twelve Days of Christmas – Arts style:
  • and still locked out….
  • 12 kms of fences
  • 11 thousand rules
  • 10 days to make safe
  • 9 hundred buildings demolished
  • 8 loss adjusters
  • 7 forms to fill out
  • 6 lost opportunities
  • 5 derelict buildings on High St
  • 4 Government departments in charge
  • 3 years waiting for CCDU
  • two many buildings
  • 1 engineer

and still locked out.

to be refined!

I am currently watching a colleague in Lichfield street lose his building to CCDU at the moment.  I am trying to convince him to write me a guest blog. His story is fascinating and depressingly familiar.  It covers: compulsory make safe by CERA, extortionate demolition/make safe bills, theft of materials from the building, years of being locked out, inaction by surrounding land owners,  months of work planning repairs, now compulsory acquisition of the building with the site to be rebuilt on.  And now,  Problems getting the Property Group to accept that the building is a viable, repairable building so that he gets fair value. ( I see that land prices in Lichfield Street are now in excess of $1500 per sqm )

It is all depressingly familiar is it not!  Link Here to an opinion piece by Johnny Moore.

His summary of the situation is short and to the point:

“He had a perfectly good venue. It was damaged, sure, and he had plans to repair it. But it was part of some Master Plan and was compulsorily acquired at less than Bruce felt it was worth.

Now he has no building in which to house his business. He can’t put a venue back in the city because noise restrictions suggest nightclubs are unwanted.

He can’t open a club in some industrial area because the Local Alcohol Plan has suggested that late licences will not be granted outside of the CBD.

Then, just to kick a guy when he’s down, the Rebuild Gods are now seeking tenders for someone to develop the slick new bus exchange site to include hospitality.

I see that as stealing someone’s business and building, knocking it down and leasing the new space to some credit-rich developer to put his own bars in there that will be much nicer, safer and… boring.”

Christchurch is not a happy place for a small building owner to be….

On a more humourous note:  I had a visit yesterday from 2 lovely young men in high vis vests, of course!  They had come to disconnect the power in my house.   Luckily enough they had the sense to check to see if there was anyone at home!

Apparently I am not supposed to be living here!  whoops, SNAFU!


6 thoughts on “Frustrations of Building Owners rise…….. Limbo on High…

  1. the key is not to get depressed over any of it, because none of the individuals in this government nor in CERA are worth losing sleep over, no matter how many OBEs, army colonel’s uniforms hanging in their closets, nor how much “power” they wield in their tiny lives by attaching themselves to a crooked regime like Key’s

    • you are right of course! I must remind myself to stop stressing!
      The predominance of military personal in this rebuild is worrying. Not only do we have a landscape architect in charge of urban planning, we have army personal in charge of engineering, demolition and planning. Go figure.!

    • Yes, Thank heavens the lovely young men in their fluro had the brains to check. I told them I did not want to move out now before Christmas. They said they would lose my paper work for a few weeks and they could arrange that. lol

      • I was just glad that they promised to try to lose my file till after christmas, I am going into a building that has no lights, I have a problem keeping the plasterers on site. Cant do the lights till the plasterer than the painter finished. What a debacle

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