Building Consents Christchurch- snafu

I am afraid I need to start a new running total.

Re: Building consent for my new house.

Consent has been at Christchurch City Council Building Consents Department since approximately the 22nd October 2013.

Today is day: 53 -Working days- ie 3 months- AS FAR AS I CAN WORK OUT. And they have not even picked it up off the desk yet!

It’s a shame that you can not use 2 bedrooms in the house and that the roof is held up by scaffolding and that the outside walls are falling down. ( Note that this house has no internal timber framing.)  You can’t get to the cupboards in the kitchen because the propping is in the way. And for 3 years we have waited and waited and waited…..

The question is “would  Southern Response’s Peter Rose, John Key’s family or Gerry live like this for 3 years?”

Why have they made us live like this???

The positive bit is : At least it’s not knee-deep in liquefaction and sewerage.


The foundations are not getting any better!

The foundations are not getting any better!


All propped up, ready to go...

All propped up, ready to go…

The building company has just sent me an “update:”

“Just wanting to give you a brief update on your building consent application.
I have just received correspondence from the processor looking after your consent – he advised that the application has been reallocated to another processor due to going on leave until the 27th of January.
I have sent the new processor a progress report request, but in the mean time I thought you may appreciate an update as of when the office reopened.
I hope to receive an update if not an RFI within the next few days and I will let you know as soon as we’ve received anything. We understand that these delays are frustrating and we hope to see some progress soon.

Once we receive an RFI we generally allow a 10 working day turn around period for us to process any RFI as there is potential for a multiple parties involved in the response.

Please see below for a rundown of the application process and where your building consent is currently sitting at CCC.

ü  Building Consent Application Lodged
ü  Building Consent Application Acknowledged
ü  Building Consent Vetting Approved
ü  PIM issued
RFI issued
RFI resubmitted
Building Consent Application Invoiced
Building Consent Documents Issued

Let me know if you have any queries regarding your building consent application. If you have any queries regarding changes or your specification you can get in contact with …., or I can pass on any relevant queries for you.”

ho humm SNAFU….

53 days for a residential consent???? hello?????


4 thoughts on “Building Consents Christchurch- snafu

    • RFI=Requests for further information. yeah. Problem is I was supposed to move out at the end of this month! Do I go or do I stay? hobsons choice.
      I believe some consents have been held up for over 7 months.

  1. Just for reference. There are a multitude of reasons a consent is taking longer than the mandatory 20 working days as stipulated in the Building Act. If it is a large or complex project, this obviously will affect the time frame. EQ repairs tend to fall in the complex bracket simply due to their unconventional scope of works, and often they are difficult to assess their preciseness. Peripheral various or complex planning issues can cause extra time overruns. It is also important to note, that poor applications, lack of, wrong and missing information will also certainly cause delay issues. This may be from genuine over sights, but also from simply inexperience, not being diligent enough , ranging right through to incompetence, even negligence. Also, for other multitudes of reasons , delays can also be quite deliberate, and often these are not on the part of the consenting authority. It is generally not in their best interest to intentionally stall the processing of an application. If you are not in directly involved with the consenting process, then it is difficult to know what the delays truly are and who is at fault. Not saying the third party lodging the application is doing anything deliberately to delay the process, but sometimes the only way to really find out what is happening, is to contact the assigned building consent officer in charge of your application.
    You may find the reasons legitimate and genuine, however, you may find the answers quite different from what you are being told. Sometimes a simple phone call can solve a problem easily.

    • You are totally correct of course. I suspect that many of the building companies are probably putting in “flawed or incomplete” consents. The frustration is that the “client” ie in this case me. Has no control or knowledge of what is happening unless Arrow (in my case) informs us of progress. ( Which they do not tend to do) Even the building company is tardy with information. And the last thing they will want to do is admit that they did not get the details correct.!
      One of the joys of building with Arrow and a building company I guess.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

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