Christchurch Building Consents.. sigh..

So…. whats new in High Street.   Well Johnny Moore has opened his bar/restaurant down the road.  Very nice it is too. I hope it goes well for him.

I managed a wry smile when I read his opinion piece the other day discussing red tape.  He obviously has much better connections than I do:

“Cera was a pleasure. For God’s sake, Roger Sutton even came in on his bicycle one afternoon to check if there was anything he could help with. That’s service.”

Huh?  It must be your good connections Johnny, no one gives a toss about our fate, we could have a functioning business down here. But that’s not important is it?

The lack of concern for our progress and lack of assistance is obvious. Pity Roger does not come and visit us.  Obviously we are not as powerful as the Moore’s.  The temptation to re-board the building frontage up is at the moment overwhelming  (This is something that we are seriously considering.) The building is currently useless to us, the new fencing that has been placed around us leaves us trapped, invisible and at the end of a dead-end.  One could almost suggest that it has been deliberate.  Link Here:

I cracked up with laughter a few days ago when I was rung by a research company, doing a survey for CCDU.  They wanted to know if we would stay in the CBD.  My short answer was, why are you wasting my time?  CCDU does not want businesses in the CBD all they want is bars and cafes. If they wanted business here they would be giving certainty, advice, information and assistance.

High Street itself is still looking awful.  The Billens building is still lying on the ground.  There has been no progress on repairs on any of the other 7 units that CERA owns.  (Rumour has it that they have been offered another unit, so that may be 8.) The other building owners are still AWOL.  I fail to understand why CERA has not forced the building owners to act.  Beats me!

The street has not been cleaned up in 3.5 years. There is no street scape plan. There appears to be no roading plan.  Progress is non-existent.  I believe there is a plan to container off the remaining frontages of some units.  That is unnecessary and unhelpful.

Our Progress?:

I am still waiting for Chch Building consents to “call me back”. I phoned the head of Commercial consents on the 14th of July… I was hoping to get some sense out of them,  and was told they would call me back.  A Tui moment I am afraid. “yeah right.”  $10 million dollars of crown manager has obviously been wasted here, they can not even call us back.  I am watching with interest to see if they actually do so. We are still stalled at Fire consent stage, they are arguing about the rate bricks and steel heat. ie  the rate steel reinforcing columns and the bricks will melt/collapse in a fire. There is, or will be, steel reinforcing columns in every standing old building in the city and I am not going to fyreline (box in with fire resistant gib) every column in the building nor am I going to intumescent paint them. (Fire retardant paint.)  Firstly: the cost of the paint is horrific, ($600 plus per 10 litre container if I remember correctly.) Secondly: the number of coats needed is unbelievable, (up to about 10) and Thirdly, it will take months and it is physically impossible. This is going to be an ongoing issue for any strengthened building.

Some sod is being bumptious down there and playing games.  The steel is for earthquake strengthening not a fire safety issue. This steel was consented in its current format in 2010 and has not under gone any changes. ie They are trying to re visit an existing consent.

On another subject:

Notice how all of CERA”s projects involve monuments. We have: the Margaret Mahy park, the river park, the memorial.   It would be a bit much to ask them to build something useful I guess.  Notice how it is that when governments run out of ideas they build a monument?  (By the way there are rumours that they have seen “sense” on the Mahy park and are reducing it in size and cost. I am watching with interest)

Ho humm, the sun is shining, they have started on site preparations for my new house. After 3.5 years. (A disgrace in itself.)  And as long as we ignore the idiots in charge all is well.




2 thoughts on “Christchurch Building Consents.. sigh..

  1. Have to admit, Moore’s back-scratching for CERA made me think exactly the same thing. His sycophant daddy taught him well

    • I find it disturbing that the old boys network has not been totally dismantled. They are doing very nicely out of these earthquakes, where as the small business and building owners have been deliberately screwed.

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