CCC Building Consents….

P1000346What an unhelpful meeting with Building consents that was.  Full of rhetoric, unhelpful, with no idea what sort of building or the problems that we have.  They were totally unprepared, had not read the file and completely lacking in knowledge of party walls.  Following the usual procedure of the Building consents dept of “following the party line to the letter.”  And I thought that they might be helpful.  Yeah Right!

Why would you repair a heritage building???  Pull them down if you have to face what we faced today!

I will say no more, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

A very grumpy day!


4 thoughts on “CCC Building Consents….

    • They want to know if I have repaired the 105 year old brick wall to the 2014 building code! yeah right, as if that is possible. As well as that they knew that we were coming down for a meeting with a problem, they had not even bothered to pull the file. Gee I am pissed off! I have sent the pix to the mayors office lol! Don’t mess with me today, I am dangerous!

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