How not to repair a heritage building in the Christchurch CBD- 4 years on…

This is great…. a story on High street. Written by Will Harvie, Christchurch Press. Interesting!

“The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority spent $1.82 million buying heritage properties on High St it no longer needs.”

The funny bit is that never actually needed these units, they just never thought the issue through properly. It was obvious 4 years ago that this is a Heritage block and should be treated as such.  They had no need to buy it.  Now 4 years later they have finally seen the light.  4 years too late, 4 years of neglect and inactivity. Frustrating, as it has stalled progress.  We are the only street still fenced off in the city.

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I do admit to being a tad confused though. I had been told on the 4th of March 2015, by the CCDU  that the remaining 7 Duncans Units,  would be sold as is where is. This article says that “Engineers are still assessing the units to investigate options.”  My gosh how long does that take you???  4 years????

Okay, so is it a repair or a sale????

Regarding the now near mythical lane way at the rear of the building:
Here is the latest plan as published by the Press.

Lane way plan number ?????   This one makes sense! Finally.

Lane way plan number ????? This one makes sense! Finally.

Okay, so if the latest plan in the press is correct, we will end up with a lane way at our doorstep.  That’s good for me and not so good for the other building owner.

Fine now give it to me in writing so that I can rebuild our back lean-to block.  Because I don’t trust you to tell me the truth and you may just change your mind in the morning.

Funny thing is that when I spoke to the affected building owner 2 weeks ago, even he had not been told the outcome.   In fact he painted the building on Friday, I am sure he would not have troubled to do that if it is to be demolished soon???  Hummn someone better talk to the owner!  (Unless of course, he is pushing the price up by upgrading it.   A Logical plan and one that I was proceeding with as well.)

The article makes mention of the $1.8 million that CCDU has spent on buying buildings it does not need.  What a waste of 4 years as well as a waste of $1.8m. They should have spent it repairing the units.

I notice some wag has been having a bit of fun at CCDU’s expense.  I wish I had a $1 for every photo that the tourists take of these signs.  I could buy and fix one of the units,  lol.

For sale- 7 units, "Handymans dream". Indoor/outdoor FLOW... complete with rats, rubbish and no progress. PHONE THE GOVERNMENT.

For sale- 7 units, “Handymans dream”. Indoor/outdoor FLOW… complete with rats, rubbish and no progress.

Limbo Land 4 years on.

Limbo Land 4 years on.

The tourists I talk to every day say the same 4 words.

The Europeans say “Stalingrad”, the Irish say “Belfast in the 70’s”,  The English say “London in the Blitz”,  The Americans say “Detroit”.   Sad but true.

PS Regarding the rebuild of my house by Southern Response.  I have been out of it for 14 months.  The average as far as I can work out is about 5-10 hours work on it a week. P1000629

This weeks work as far as I can assess:  Monday less than  60 minutes, Tuesday  approx 2 hours, Wednesday 0, Thursday 0, Friday approx 2 hours.  (The blocks are not filled yet.)

The average house takes about 7000 hours to build I have been told.   I will leave the maths to you…….    Next Christmas???????  This is clearly unsustainable.  It is not surprising that there are a growing number of builders going into liquidation. They do not appear to be able to finish anything.

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Ho Humm just another funny sort of day in a silly city.


2 thoughts on “How not to repair a heritage building in the Christchurch CBD- 4 years on…

  1. Along with the Northland by-election results and the rout delivered to Key by the people up there, this has been a great day!

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