How not to repair a Heritage building in the Christchurch CBD, Part 157

I see Will Harvie, from the Christchurch Press, has been busy. A further article on High Street in this mornings press, 6.4.2015.

Keep them coming!  After 4 plus years any pressure we can bring on the “powers that be” the better”.

I had a great chat with him the other day, discussing some of the issues and frustrations. Link Here:

“These days, however, the building and its near neighbour – the McKenzie & Willis facade – are pretty much all that’s left of old High St. Everything else was demolished or destroyed by fire.

This gives Duncan’s Building – which takes up most of the west side of High St between Tuam and St Asaph streets – new importance in a city abruptly without its heritage architecture. It dates to 1905 and has a category 2 listing.

“It’s a wonderful, continuous heritage building like no other left in Christchurch,” said Anna Crighton of the Christchurch Heritage Trust.

“It’s a crucial row of shops that must be saved, and can be saved,” Mark Gerrard, an activist with Historic Places Canterbury, said.”

There is not much more that can be said really!

These shops will make great start up units for small niche businesses.  The units are small and the rents will be lower than in the new building and the area seems to be retaining, against all the odds, its edgy feel.

I have just spent yet another day talking to the tourists who pass my front door, who are incredulous that the city still looks like a “doughnut”.  Hollow in the centre with nothing for them to do and no where to go.

Ho Humm – Another year passes and the Easter holiday business closures are still not being addressed by Government.


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