How not to repair a Heritage Building in Christchurch CBD…part 164… No end in sight yet….

Whats new in High Street:

  • I have been waiting now for over 8 months  (plus 4 years) for the much promised Public Realm Lane ways network plan for the Innovation precinct. The lack of the plan is holding up development in the precinct. Including our plans.  A phone call to CERA to request said document got me a conversation with one of CERA’s MANY Communications Advisors. Link here:   – But no answers. No street scape, no lane way plan no progress.  Is 5 years too long to wait???? It seems to me that CERA et al have still NOT understood that timely decisions need to be made. And “sitting on the Ministers desk” is no longer an adequate excuse.  They have not got a clue about commercial reality do they?  Talking about waiting…..
  • I gave up waiting for the roading contractors and reopened the pedestrian walk way past the poly tech Jazz School a few days ago.  Amazing what you can do with a spanner and some muscle.  This walk way had been closed off about 3 months ago by the contractors working on the Tuam Street footpath. Talk about watching paint dry!  No one  had bothered to reopen it and the end result was endless wanderers and drunks walking through the red zone fencing,  Usually in the middle of the night.  No one seems to have noticed and safety has not been compromised.
  • By the way our building consent amendment is still stalled.  I think the Engineer has the flu…
  • To the humorous.  I see that Sam at c1 is having some fun.  Again….  with

    “Gerry Brownlee the centrefold in cafe C1 Espresso’s new menu”

  • And last but not least: I see that Johnny Moore at Smash Palace in High street is going to have a “Talking heads – the Christchurch Recovery Clinic”–the-christchurch-recovery-clinic 

    ” Freerange Press and the people behind the book Once in a Lifetime: City-building after Disaster in Christchurch, invite the public to participate in a rolling conversation or recovery clinic on Saturday, July 25  from 12-6pm at Brick Farm/Smash Palace.

    “The idea is that anyone who is interested will hold an ongoing conversation around a table. People are encouraged to pop in and chat about Christchurch’s recovery and the government’s Draft Transition Recovery Plan, submissions for which close on July 30. People from a range of backgrounds will be present, and include Raf Manji (Christchurch City Council), Lucy D’Aeth (public health specialist) Gerard Smyth (film maker) and Rosemary Goodyear (senior housing analyst).

    People are invited to bring their questions and thoughts about the current state of play in Christchurch and issues that need consideration in light of the government’s Draft Transition Recovery Plan”.

  • I also notice that Associate Professor in property studies John McDonagh, from Lincoln University, was talking about the hollow core in the  Christchurch CBD. and here:

“Without substantial office space and the associated spin-off [in] retail/hospitality, there is less reason than ever to want to live in the CBD of Christchurch,” he said.

As a current resident of the inner city, I fail to see why anyone in their right mind would want to live in the CBD at all.  “Retail had largely deserted the central city”  and “much of the cheaper building stock has now gone” say the Associate Professor. This man makes a lot of sense, pity Cera does not have him on their staff.

Ho humm,  love the centre fold idea Sam!


3 thoughts on “How not to repair a Heritage Building in Christchurch CBD…part 164… No end in sight yet….

  1. Sam lost all credibility when he cosied up to Brownlee some years ago. If you sleep with dogs, you get fleas, and no amount of appearing to again be a “man of the people” a couple of years later will alter my opinion of him. When it suited, he became a part of the system.

    • To be fair, he had to do what he had to do! He needed his business to survive. There has been a lot of that in the city. It is partly due to the lack of co- operation between business owners, (the rich got richer and the poor got poorer! oink oink) the failure of CORE, the lack of a clever and willing business leader…. I will not bore you, you know the issues as well as I do!

      • Yes, it’s quite obvious he “did what he had to do”, but once you sell-out your integrity you don’t get it back with a few cartoons once the risk has reduced. You have principles, or you do not

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