Heritage on the rocks… in High Street.

News Flash from Lower High Street…

After lying in rubble for over 3 years, the burnt out Billen’s building in Lower High street, is finally under demolition today.

From this

Billens building pre fire

to this:

2012 post fire.

2012 post fire.

to demolition under way now:


8am 18.9.2015   The "twinkle toes operator" is a master at his task.

8am 18.9.2015
The “twinkle toes operator” is a master at his task.

It is good to see some progress.

Now its time for CERA/CCDU to sell the 7 units that they own in the Duncans Block.  But that decision is still “sitting on the Minister Brownlee’s desk”.  Unfortunately those words are all heard all too often in Christchurch.  It does make the locals sigh!

On a happier note, I see Dux Central opened last night in the old Twisted Hop building.  Good news for the street!  Link Here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/72131323/dux-central-adds-to-christchurchs-postquake-vibe

I believe that they had a busy night.  Thankfully I heard nothing!

While we are on a happier Note:

Below is a pix of the gib going up on the ceiling in our building.  We waited 18 months for  the Amended building consent from the CCC so that we could Gib this ceiling.  The less said about that the better.  (I have not calmed down yet!) This is one days work.

Gib on the ceiling, after 18 months waiting for consent.....

Gib on the ceiling, after 18 months waiting for consent…..

Ye ha…  finally…  progress. A few G&T’s are in order…


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