How not to repair a heritage building in the Christchurch CBD…

Christchurch City Council (CCC), Fulton Hogan, NZ Transport Agency….. hello, we are still here…  After being stuffed around for 5.5 years we now have this…. the latest “April Fools” Joke….

Hot off the Press, from the CCC, NZ Transport agency and Fulton Hogan.

I found a flyer late today, tucked under my window wiper.  As from the 25th of May (5 days from now) all access to our building will be stopped “until the end of 2016”.  Both the front and back access will be locked off.   Hello????? anyone home????

My gosh how competent are you guys?  Has anyone bothered to find out that we have a functioning business down here?  And that we have been here for the last 5.5 years, functioning from behind the fencing and mess.  And that we were planning to reopen our retail area as soon as the scaffolding comes down.  In a week or three….

How any one thought that this bright idea will pass the media “sniff test” I do not know.

I got news for you CCC, Fulton Hogan, NZ Transport Agency and it’s all bad.  Go find your self another car park, but the front of my building will not be locked off. You go sort out your “traffic Management setup”  and get back to me ASAP with a plan B.

Consultation at its best. Not.  Please explain to me exactly how I and my customers, supplier and contractors are to access the building.  Or shall we talk about the rental contract that I am about to sign?????

I also assume that you are going to be paying our wages and rent for the next month 6 months as well.

No wonder we are grumpy!  Flippin’ heck, how hard is it to talk to the building owners???.

Just another draft idea that comes from the “powers that be”.

p.s. CCC “knew nothing about this” when rung on the 19th of May.  And Fulton Hogan has not responded.  I wonder why….

Humm  I feel a war coming on……  Bring it on…..

Latest daft idea, ill thought out plan from the power that be.

Latest daft idea, ill thought out plan from the powers that be.


10 thoughts on “How not to repair a heritage building in the Christchurch CBD…

  1. It just makes it so hard for those with a heritage building – not counting the constant graffiti, break ins, smashing the new doors (not covered by insurance), Valentines Quake damge etc

    Has the Christchurch City Council even rung you back yet?

    I think it is time that those trying to repair or operate heritage buildings need to operate an informal support group that uses the power of networking
    Have an open day together is my suggestion (or stand outside BBQ day)?

    The CCC should also have a support contact person to try to ease the communication difficulties with the various departments and entities to deal with a crises immediately
    You would be an ideal expert to take this role!

    Talking support for the heritage buildings and walking the talk are two different things and our CCC, the old CERA and Regenerate whatits conspicuous in their absense

    • I have now had visits from both Fulton Hogan Project Manager and the CCC. Whoops, “did not know you were there!” was the response. They will be “re arranging their traffic plan” to accommodate us. I look forward to seeing the plan. Sigh, I will admit to being less than polite. I am tired of being stuffed around by officialdom. It is a good idea to try to get some of the Heritage building owners together. Unfortunately there are not many of us left and it has been like trying to “herd cats”. I am planning a open day as soon as a suitable time presents itself, I am thinking I might tie it in with Heritage NZ in Sept.

    • Certainly surprising. It does highlight the ongoing disconnect between departments at the CCC, (Heritage has been very supportive) and the outside agencies. (CERA/Regenerate/Planning/Otakaro or who ever is in charge of these issues. And I have no idea who that is!)

  2. I’m sure your local Councillor has rushed down to help; not! Who are you burdened with? If it’s not “Yani the Votecatcher”, could anyone be any more useless than him, anyway!

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