Earthquake Pains continue…part 190

Ah, and so it begins again…  The “powers that be” begin to repeat the same mistakes that they made here in Christchurch.   It starts with a lack of consultation and a lack of communication…

  • I feel the pain of the Building owners in Wellington who have just found out that they will not be allowed to retrieve their stock and fittings as a result of the impending demolition of the building they were in.  “Staff in the four shops at the base of the nine-storey building have not been allowed back in, and the daughter of one said it was “a big shock” to find out on Sunday that they could lose all their stock and fittings..” Link Here:      It is likely that the stock and fittings will be shared out amongst the workers demolishing the building and a proportion will end up on Trade Me.  This is what happened here in Christchurch.
  • I was puzzled by a Wellington Building owner who remarked that he had not supplied the Wellington Council with his Building assessment details.   Huh…. you have to be kidding me. They demanded our assessments in triplicate.  I think that this will alter very quickly as the Wellington Council sorts out it procedures….  You will all be required to supply Detailed Engineering Evaluations in the following weeks and months.
  • I also know the pain of the residents in Waiau who are having trouble accessing their homes.  As a “Red Zone road block ” has been created locking them out. We were locked out for many, many months.  I had hoped that the “Powers” had learnt some lessons from the Christchurch situation…  My words of advice?  Find another way around the fencing.  Go for a walk, come in from the side, fly in, parachute in, do what ever you need to do. Tell them to naff off…..   Make your own judged decisions regarding your personal safety.  Be safe and not reckless.   Link Here:     “Hurunui District Mayor Winton Dalley said about 20 farms and another 30 households in Mt Lyford had been cut off from essential supplies of water and assistance as a result.  “We have had residents locked out of being able to return to their homes, we’ve had emergency services and utility services including our engineers denied access to the area to carry out essential repairs to homes and properties in the area.” Dalley said he had been “battling” with NZTA and CDC all day to get limited access to the road for residents and essential services.”
  • I also wonder if any thought has been given to how the South Island freight network is going to cope.  The numbers of trucks on the Lewis Pass road will increase by approximately 700 per day and there will be a huge increase in road traffic (4 fold).  The increased costs of freighting will inevitably be passed on to consumers in the South Island.   I am expecting massive cost increases in freight costs and a flow on to grocery prices.  It will put a further burden on the already struggling Christchurch residents.
  • I will not even bother discussing the debacle that occurred over the tsunami warning that should have been given promptly and clearly.   I listened to the radio at 12.15 am approx.  and heard a warning for the South Coast.  The South Coast??????   huh???   of what? of where?

Ho hum.. the joys of living in a quake zone continue… Stay safe, time to refill the water bottles and tie down the TV.



2 thoughts on “Earthquake Pains continue…part 190

  1. Beyond pathetic, isn’t it. We have seen it all before, you and I, and it’s really a waste of time even commenting. They have learned NOTHING except how to add even more layers of self-serving ineffective teat-sucking bureaucracy.

    I saw a conceited comment from somebody in “power” the other day that “this is not Haiti”. Really? In what ways are we any better or more prepared

    The tsunami situation and lack of competent and/or co-ordinated warning to the public who, for the most part, just don’t understand unless told, was just sad at 3am last Sunday morning. Traffic jams on the inland highway leading to Oxford, hundreds of cars parked up on the same roads that were 65 metres above sea-level were understandable, because it was actually quite impossible to go online and simply search “evacuation zone christchurch tsunami”. The sites that had not already crashed (as the Civil “Defense” site had) required such huge bandwidth requirements to download hi-resolution maps and then try to type in your own address, that people were completely and literally “in the dark”

    Meanwhile, the experts had their salaries in the bank as usual

    NZ is embarrassing

    • It is totally depressing to see them give power to the same idiots in power that messed us over. It also looks like Wellington has sat on their hands for 6 years, almost unbelievable. Their Engineering assessments have been very poor. It is almost poetic justice that they have felt this quake, although I do not wish it on them! It might focus their minds a wee bit. I do feel desperately sorry for the shop owners unable to get their stuff. We know what is going to happen to their stock. deja vu. As you say, they get paid and I am still “un employed” after 6 years. Hope you are ok and making some progress. regards Nicky

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