Business waits years for quake damage to neighbours to be fixed…

Oh dear, my infamy continues.

A well-balanced report by Rachel Graham  A Christchurch Reporter, discussing the issue of abandoned and unrepaired buildings.  It is rather topical at the moment due to the “slow train wreck” that is the Wellington CBD. 

I confess to a snort of irritation as I listened to Connal Townsend say that “The Arts situation is extremely rare”.  “Normal process is in place”.  ha ha…  he is out of date. I can name 8 buildings within 1 km off me  with the same issue. Maybe he should come and see me?

Director of the Greater Christchurch Group within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Kelvan Smith,: “Christchurch City Council also has powers and functions under the Building Act 2004. It can require building owners to undertake works under section 124 of the Building Act.”  Really?  you could have fooled me!  The question would have to be asked as to why it is not being used?  We had a meeting with the Operational Policy and Quality Improvement Manager at the CCC  to be told that they had no power to sort this?  lies, lies and more lies…

CCC: unavailable for comment.  No surprises here….

The Law is an ass.

Audio Link Here:

Article Here:‘we’re-a-dead-end’

ho hum.  I’m off to do some real work, rather than “buggerise around on Facebook all day” as our earthquake Minister Brownlee so eloquently put it.

Another beautiful day in Christchurch.

Connal Townsend, Kelvin Smith and the CCC.  They need to get out of their offices and come and see the reality.


2 thoughts on “Business waits years for quake damage to neighbours to be fixed…

  1. “”Now we no longer have a declared disaster, and the normal process is in place. Owners of property have an absolute common law right to enjoyment of their private property. Central government and city councils can’t come in and make sweeping judgements about what people should do with their property without a right of compensation.”

    What a total crock – A government as rotten as ours will steal your land on the flimsiest of pretext any time that they feel like doing so – what’s a law when it can be changed in less than 24 hours?

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