Christchurch rebuilding- St Asaph Street Roadworks…

I have been watching the new road works proceeding in St Asaph Street with some horror.  Not only is the new High Street entry from Madras Street damn dangerous (you have a constant stream of one way traffic behind you as you try to turn into the entry).  The St Asaph Street layout is a predictable debacle.  The road way has been narrowed significantly.  Now when you park (If you can find a park that is) you open your car door directly into the car lanes.  The width of the footpaths and the width of the bike lanes have made the road impossibly narrow.  Two buses can not manoeuver side by side.  I will not even discuss the loss of 200 odd parks.  Link to Press article here:

Apparently, according to my sources there was a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce a few days ago, where Peter Townsend facilitated  the meeting of mainly CBD business and
building owners, 3 Council Officials gave a presentation on the Accessible City program.

The Q & A session was “very vocal” and it was extended…..

(Peter Townsend was “terse” at the level of concern at the situation in St Asaph Street.  Massive loss of parking, narrow and dangerous road way, endless unfinished road works, total lack of concern for remaining retailers etc ).

Some of the issues raised in the Q & A afterwards:
30km Speed Limit,
CBD Traffic Management,
Parking (especially the removal of parking spaces),
concerns were expressed on the safety and practicality of the new redesigned pavement-cycle lane-parking-road streetscape,
ongoing roadworks
and the effects of these changes on local businesses.

St Asaph St was cited as an example by a number of attendees which backs
up my hunch this is an ongoing problem for this area.

Peter Townsend announced that a follow-up meeting will be held.  Looks like the Chamber of Commerce has deemed the issues raised to be significant and it will become engaged …

Thanks to my source! I am too unimportant to get an invite to such a meeting! Which is a bit weird really as I am directly affected by these road works, it has cost us dearly, as it has delayed our opening for the Christmas trade, as a pop up shop.  Reminder to self,  Repeat after me: “They do not care, we are collateral damage”.

2.12.16 The Press has now caught up with me, Link Here:

So… the constant closing and narrowing of roads in the CBD  has now hit a new level of dysfunctionality.

As far as I can work out the road layout was designed by the CERA/CCDU dictators,  when they had one of their “brain waves” some years ago.  The consultation was an absolute sham.  It will take a brave City Council Mayor to resolve the ongoing issues that have been foisted upon the city by the Government.

The late Architect, Ian Athfield was correct in saying that the one streets should have been removed from the central city.  They are a failed 1960’s experiment.

ho humn, I am going to take the day off!  As a busy retailer in the CBD I may as well.


At the moment this St Asaph/High/Madras/Ferry road Intersection has 10 white poles, (purpose unknown) and 18 traffic light poles.  Is this necessary?  really? Visual overload!


2.12.16 Late breaking news.  Article just proves that the council is toothless and totally dysfunctional. I bet that if the High Block was in Cashel Mall they would find a way of acting in a more proactive manner.


4 thoughts on “Christchurch rebuilding- St Asaph Street Roadworks…

  1. Don’t be ungrateful – Christchurch has a great opportunity here to be the new Palmerston North – the town they teach you about when you study [everything that can be wrong with] town-planning

    • I know, I should stop whinging! But I am enjoying poking the snakes. After all what more can they do to me? Make me go bung? not a chance! The planners got bored with studing Palmerston North so they thought they would redesign CHCH as an experiment. Hope all is well with you.

  2. The Accessible City Plan, Transport Chapter was Gerry’s personal mission. The consultation was crap with pretty much everyone ignored, save for Gerry. It went nearly 10 months over the stated completion date so Gerry could get it right.

    Share an Idea is cited as being the guide for this crap, it was not. Just window dressing and the scapegoat for any problems. CCC was and is stuck with implementing it. Central government came up with initial funding and ratepayers get stuck with trying to fund making it all work.

    CCC can and must do more, but are struggling with the harsh reality of not enough money.

    With so much of the city in ruins we could have designed a city which works for all of us, motorist, public transport users, pedestrians, people on bicycles. O’ well, we were stuck with Gerry. On can pray that Kaikoura does not get the same treatment.

    • I think the only polite description for the Accessible City Plan is “Gerry’s Folly”. It showed a remarkable lack of common sense. I wonder at the quality of the planners that they employed to come up with this dopey plan. I am considering calling a meeting of angry St Asaph Street business and building owners and bringing in the CCC as well to see if we can get some alterations made to the dangerous, narrow and generally crazy roading plan that they have created. (The concrete curbing is particularly dangerous as it juts out too far and beware of car doors.) Like the other building owners I put in a submission, but they were never going to be listened too.
      Consultation went out the window.
      Ah well, the best we can hope for is a change of Government and a new council, as in 10 years all these roading issues will have to be reassessed.

      You are right about Share an idea. It gets chucked at us every time we try to point out that an idea is not working.

      CCC needs to develop a spine.!
      Thanks for your thoughts!

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