Duncan’s Buildings again…..

When I finished choking on my coffee this morning, I laughed.  We make the front page again. Link Here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/93507270/momentum-on-dirty-30-lower-high-st-heritage-block-reopening-in-months

There are a number of Irony’s here.  Some of which will land me in trouble again…. or is that still….

The CCC Heritage Team appears to have made no attempt to save the Duncan’s Buildings at all.  In fact they have allowed the further demolition of the 2 end units that is proceeding as I type. Pix below.

At the same time the backs of 8 units in the middle section is going to be demolished shortly leaving only the frontages.




There also appears to be a disconnection between the CCC and the Heritage building owners.  What are they actually doing to help the Heritage owners?  Actually what are they doing at all?  there is only a hand full of us Heritage Owners left, now I know why…..

It has also been brought to my attention that a number of Building owners in the city, who have “Earthquake Prone Buildings”  have been given until 2047 to either repair or demolish their buildings. This I believe, includes the building next door to us.  What does the Minister of Building and Construction think he is doing????  Re-building the city one grain of sand at a time?

Really 2047?  You have to be kidding me…. So I have to wait until then before you will force my neighbor to act.  Jeepers, by that time I will be dust, so I will not care anyway!

Ho Hum, we really do need some one to advocate for us….  drat, I thought that what the Heritage team at the CCC was for?  Silly me….

Be very afraid Wellington, you could end up in the same situation I am in…

ps… No parking warden has been sighted in High Street since September 2016.  It’s a flaming shambles. We are struggling to access “our paid” for contractor parking. And I will not even bother mentioning the fact that the drains are full of leaves and blocked and that there is well water running down the footpaths/street and CCC has no interest in dealing with the issues, despite I believe 6 increasingly irritated phone calls.

The question has to asked as to why they are making it so difficult for the existing business’s in the CBD to function.  I can not explain it.


IMG_20170607_102032954.jpgThe Heidelberg GTO 52 zp Press inches its way to the door, on its way to a new home here in Christchurch.




7 thoughts on “Duncan’s Buildings again…..

  1. They never wanted you to survive and persevere, let alone to successfully repair your building. There was always an agenda to favour other developers who were better “lubricating” the wheels and pockets at CERA. That agenda was probably well established as early as late 2011

    • We know that now. Still we managed to piss them off for 6 years. All that aside the thing that worries me the most is that they are forcing all the small quirky shops/factories/ out of the CBD. It will make for a very boring CBD.

      • Don’t let it worry you. Get out of there and move on – the former CBD holds no appeal at all and there are so many other places to shop that are easily accessible and a whole lot less stressful. It will be 20 years more (if ever) before the damage wrought by the National government and by CCC will be reversed

  2. It is remarkable how little corruption in this city has been exposed. We know that it happens, there seems to be no other possible explanation for some strange situations. I had hoped that the Mayor would try to clean up the CCC. Fat chance.

    • Yes, there appear to be some odd things happening down there. The mismanagement of the “Dirty 30” list is one example. ( How hard was it to check names with the consents department?) There appears to be a lack of oversight. They also appear to be acting in the old CERA type manner. Dysfunctional? That is a rather scary thought with major implications.

    • Although the rot and graft at CCC has been going on for decades, mayors Moore and then Parker elevated it to new levels. Cosy deals with developers, all well known, but will never be properly investigated.

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