High Street issues drag on for 7 years…

What is new in High Street?…

  • High Street has been closed for nearly 7 years. The last street in the city to get any attention.  (Have you considered that this is longer than World War 11 lasted).       As you know I consider that keeping this area un-repaired has been a deliberate strategy..   aimed to promote other areas of the city.   (What school did you go to??? she says cynically).
  • The re-opening of the “street” is “imminent”  – that is one lane only, one way.  It did not happen 3 weeks ago so “imminent” is as close as I can get.
  • The  “Billens building 2017” is nearly finished.  Looks good!  I will grab an up to date photo.IMG_20171003_122741207
  • The demolition of the back of the 8 units owned by Pebble’s Group was supposed to be “imminent” as well.  I am watching the grass grow as we speak.  There is a very serious risk that the frontages will collapse  when this demo gets underway, if they are not very, very careful. Hope they know what they are doing….


    Digger been idle since end of November.

  • I spotted the CCC was cruising the street at 9.00pm the other night looking at the roading needs.  lol.  I would just settle for a road, who cares if it has cobbles? That’s a luxury. Apparently they were planning on digging up the road as soon as the new tenants have moved in to the rebuilt Billens and Duncan’s units.  You get the picture new businesses/road works a Typical Christchurch scenario.  I think you have already heard me comment on the lack of care that has been taken over the existing tenants/businesses in the CBD, by the powers that be.  This has not changed.
  • Our new tenants moved in upstairs yesterday.  They are having trouble getting an internet/phone line.  We put all the cabling in place but apparently there is no fibre connections spare in St Asaph street.  ie not enough nodes???  Really????   The latest update is that they may end up on the copper line that I had to use in 2013 that Vodafone “cobbled” up for me.   (Took them 4 months if I remember rightly).
  • As of today I am officially unemployed.  Cardmakers is sold, Arts the printers is closed.
  • re our neighbours.  On the North side, nothing has happened.  Zilch, nada…. it was supposed to be containered off at the front, 3 high if I remember correctly.  It was supposed to have parts of it demolished, it was supposed to be strengthened.. etc.. How is it that a building owner can get away with doing NOTHING for 7 years with no penalties?    The law is an ass.   It is well and truly time this was sorted out by legislation.    Somebody help????  Anyone out there?   CCC won’t help, nor will  Regenerate or LINZ, The Local MP’s won’t/can’t help…  Megan woods, Ruth Dyson, Duncan Webb…   Suggestions welcomed.   I am giving serious consideration to the temporary prop that I put in 7 years ago to hold up the roof…. that must be due to fail by now… the floor is rotten, the walls are falling out,   don’t blame me if it happens!!!

Part of our back deck is inaccessible to our tenants.

  • Oh and one last thing.. We are going for code of Compliance in early January 2018.  Ye ha.   7 years work coming to fruition!  By the way we did our landscaping for the Resource consent last week.  That was a waste of effort.  All the plants were stolen overnight.  They did leave the planter box though.  I really do wonder about the consents processes, they are a bit silly!P1010488.JPG

ho ho it’s off to work I go,  got some cleaning out to do and some compliance paper work to sort….

Have a great Christmas and New year.


2 thoughts on “High Street issues drag on for 7 years…

    • Thanks Graeme, I am sure next year will be a better year, compliance looms, tenants are looking at the building and we have gone into forced retirement, I might even be tempted to look for a job. ha ha My reputation will haunt me I am afraid.
      Have a wonderful Christmas break and a happy New Year and may the Council/Regenerate and the powers that be, suddenly become efficient, professional and useful.

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