Road Cone Day.. High Street 7 years after the 22nd February 2011 Earthquakes..

It is “Road Cone Day” today.  When Christchurch remembers those that died, in a uniquely Christchurch fashion.


Christchurch road cone Memorial day.

That dreaded day has come around again,  when we all pause for reflection.  The 22nd of February 2011, the day that changed the lives of every Cantabrian,  some for the better, some for the worse.

We remember those that died, those that suffered and are still suffering and the many Cantabrian’s still trying to get Insurance settlements for their damaged houses and buildings.

We wonder what the future holds for the central city and 7 years on, reflect on progress in the CBD.

We have seen multiple/competing governmental agencies take control of the land, build, design and implementation of the rebuild process.  In the minds of many of us we see this as a separate and new disaster.  The anchor projects are un-affordable and in many cases stalled..  (in fact all they have achieved is a Children’s play ground and a Memorial Wall).

I await the analysis of the so-called “Rebuild agencies” with considerable interest, we need to make sure that this “half-baked” model they dreamt up in haste is never used in New Zealand ever again.

For High Street progress has also been painfully and frustratingly slow.

So we wait..  A total of 2492 days so far ….


High Street 7 years on from February 2011,  is just a car park…

It is hard to get enthusiastic about progress in the central city when we still have a street looking like this.  I see it as a massive failure of both local and central government management or rather mismanagement.

Lower High Street is still fenced off, there are 2 building owners who have not lifted a finger to repair their buildings.

In fact both owners have been given until 2033 to repair their properties under the “Earthquake Prone Building legislation”.   Really?, what planet is the CCC and Central Government  on?

This is in my view, hopelessly inadequate and is like slapping the owners with a “wet bus ticket”.   There has to be a better way of dealing with these issues.


Signage from the CCC on 141 High Street


On a more positive note:

  • The ground floor is nearly empty as all our machinery and stock has gone.
  • I see that the demolition has begun a few days ago on the 8 Duncan’s Units owned by Richard Pebbles.   He is planning to have the new units rebuilt by October/November.  Ye ha!

Demolition begins on the munted Duncan’s Building’s back.


Slow progress, but progress nevertheless.


If you have a building in a similar situation to ours, you need to read this blog from the beginning, so you can approach the issue with your eyes wide open.  This warts and all story is slowly reaching it’s final conclusion, only 240 more days to wait…

Whoops,  I  “Forgot” to tell you that the council is going to dig the street up, just when the buildings are finished.  I think they want to run the tram down this end?  I believe that this is now under some discussion, strange really, no one has asked me what I think…may be they know already?

ha ha the end is not in sight after all…. Bugger..

Update: 28 February 2018:

The demolition of the backs of the Duncan’s Buildings is progressing:  Some of it is going to be done by hand.


The lean too’s are gone, phase 2 begins. Now it gets tricky.

PPS.  Having trouble with Code of Compliance issues, at the CCC consents dept. … sigh, nothing structural I might add.  It is a paper work issue. It is about who signs the paper work!  lol.  A lawyers call seems to have progressed the issue….  they would not respond to my calls.  I think…. a case of “policy over legislation”.   I am watching with interest.


6 thoughts on “Road Cone Day.. High Street 7 years after the 22nd February 2011 Earthquakes..

  1. Slight error – the September quakes were 2010, 22 February quakes were 2011 (or were you testing to see who was reading diligently?)
    Otherwise – spot on.

    • Hi Kelly, you are correct, it is boring, but that is the point is it not? Having to wait 7 years and seeing no progress in our end of High Street, mainly as a result of local and central government inaction. I am not sure boring covers it completely, frustrating, soul destroying, costly and pointless are valid comments as well. But, this is the true story of earthquake recovery in the CBD, it is how not to repair a Heritage Building and is it really worth it? This is not the sanitised version that you read every day, supplied to the local news outlets by the govt spin doctors. As to the reflection on the date 22nd of February, many of us had friends in the buildings that collapsed, it is a day to remember them.

      Thanks for your comment. Cheers Nicky

  2. As someone who used to live in Christchurch and is interested in what’s going on, I really enjoy reading your blog – please don’t stop 🙂

    • Thanks Chris, I appreciate the kind words. I sometimes feel that every one must be sick of me, I know I am tired of the slow progress but what can one do but box on…. Have fun reading the home owners guide to buying in Christchurch, it is a nightmare for buyers, who are not being protected by legislation. Some days I feel that moving out of Christchurch is a very good plan, but who would annoy the “powers that be if I quit”! Thanks Nicky

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