Christchurch City Council Building Compliance issues…. again

What is new in Lower High St?

  • We are having issues with the CCC regarding our Code of Compliance.  No,  it is not Structural, or Fire safety, or public safety….  that is too obvious!   CCC Building Consents are refusing to sign off because our Design Engineer, who is slowly retiring, has not renewed His IPENZ registration  (Engineering Society).  As a result of this they are refusing to accept his PS4. (Producer Statement). But Compliance says that the Design Engineer must sign the COC????   Make up your mind guys….

CCC Consents wants us to get the whole 7 years worth of project peer-reviewed by another Engineer.  There are 2 problems with this:  no Engineer in his right mind would review 7 years of paper work  for a “un-reinforced masonry building” and secondly no Engineer in his right mind would sign off on such a building without having inspected all the steel earthquake strengthening columns that are now hidden behind gib,  let alone covered in concrete!

None of this surprises me, as CCC Building Consents have been “difficult” (polite use of words I might add…) to deal with for 7 years, so what’s new?   But there is one problem here, the CCC signed off early this year on a unit in the same building 20 meters away, using the same Engineer with the same expired IPENZ registration.

The question I ask is this:  Is this some new policy that they have devised or is this a new law that has suddenly been concocted or is this revenge for us being a pain in the “neck”?  Or All of the above?

Heritage Building owners, be very afraid, it is not worth repairing your Heritage buildings.  There is no structure or assistance in place to help you deal with these issues..

  • On a happier note:  The Duncan’s Buildings demolition is proceeding quickly.  Only one more party-wall to go.   Its been dusty and a bit noisy but trouble-free.  And a bonus… the front is still standing…..IMG_20180329_113553770.jpgIMG_20180329_113549651.jpg

Ho humm, off to make some more grumpy phone calls to the Building Consents dept…..

NEWS Flash. 9.23am   Change of heart at CCC PS4 now deemed acceptable as is.  Code of Compliance issued.


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