I’m a small business owner in the Red Zone in Christchurch, New Zealand.  This blog is my diary where I can record, rant, cajole, praise, vilify and update – you get the picture! – all about rebuilding my life and my business after the quakes that hit my city (September 2010, February 2011 and June 13th).  We have now had nearly 8000 quakes, and we “are over it”!


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  1. Hi Nicky,
    I really enjoy your updates. Your writing style has a certain zest…!

    Hope you find everything ok when you get back.

    • Hi Roger, I know next to nothing about agenda 21. Though I can see the pattern that is emerging here. I agree with your analysis of the red zoning of the central city, that was a very deliberate act to benefit a few of the wealthy land owners in the city to the detriment of small land owners like us. I believe that the demolition of the city was also a very deliberate act. I want to know who was at the meeting that decided that this was the correct way to proceed. We may never find out in my life time. thanks for your comment I will send you a message.

      • Thanks for visiting my site.
        From the stats, I’m not sure that you read this link http://thedemiseofchristchurch.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/exemplar-3-2008-exam.pdf
        This actually says it all but requires some thought and its really important that you read it.
        I have all sorts of evidence that points toward Agenda21 including it being in our legislation, local government and in our schools and education.
        Like you say, its the small players that are getting hit the hardest in this and we do need to figure out exactly what is happening.
        Please keep your mind open on this and tell me what you think of the link.
        I’m happy to explain if you have any queries.
        Will email soon.



  2. Hi Nicky, I’m a researcher trying to understand in broad terms how building and commercial activity evolved in the CBD red zone following the 2011 earthquake, i.e. when building and commercial activity started and how it has developed from year to year. Please email me if you can help me with a basic timeline. Cheers

    • Hi Michael, that is going to be an interesting and complicated project. Each building owner faced different time lines based on multiple issues, ie insurance, engineering, area, – some areas were held back by CERA/CCDU land designations. Might be better to give me a call. I will help if I can but it will be from my rather jaundiced perspective only. As we were an area that (believe) was deliberately stalled by CCDU. Just google cardmakers.co.nz and send me a message and we will make email contact. thanks Nicky

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