How not to repair a Heritage Building in Christchurch CBD…part 165…. Still waiting For Building consent….

So whats new in High Street today?  Nearly 5 years on from the September 2010 Quake…  Still in Limbo land….

There are some signs of activity on the Mckenzie and Willis site as the demolition of the wrecked structure is slowly occurring.   Link Here:–bars-and-restaurants-to-move-in

MORE bars and cafes coming I am afraid. I must to confess to wondering how many bars and cafes the city needs.  I have already noticed an increase in late night drunken behaviour in my small area of High/St Asaph Streets, in the last 18 months. The streets are awash with broken glass and screaming girls late at night. (I have never figured out why girls have to scream like they do.  Very weird behaviour, I must be getting old…..)

McKenzie and Willis is slowly disappearing!

McKenzie and Willis is slowly disappearing!

Slowly signs of progress!

Slowly signs of progress!

I was amused, in the article, by the reference to the laneways.  I STILL have not seen the final laneways plan for our block. This is holding our recovery up, as if they care.  We are the last functioning business in this block in High street where we have been for 40 years and they can not make a decision, truly Weird…  It is now 2 weeks off 5 years since the first Sept 2010 quakes. They have been talking and talking and talking….. but can not make a decision. Heaven help the poor sods further down the south frame…. where their land is going to be sliced and diced up…( some of them have 10 metre wide laneways through their workshops….The building owners will never be able to make a decision about their fate.  My gut feeling is that the car sales and land owners in the south frame need to head for the COURTS as a group.  CERA/CCDU/REGENERATE- (now renamed Regurgitate by many of us disgruntled locals) lack of professionalism is staggering. (By the way I wonder how much that new name cost them?) There also seems to be a complete lack of understanding by CERA/CCDU et al of the need for some speed.  A lack of ability to make a commercial decision perhaps?  Too many Heads of Department’s with no skin in the game?  This paralysis is frustrating progress in the whole city. Incidentally I have revised my estimate of the recovery time from 10 to 20 years).

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) and Christchurch City Council (CCC) were among the worst performers in an industry survey.

The survey presenter, Sarah Lang from the New Zealand Council for Infrastructure (NZCID), said the “real killer” for respondents was agencies failing to lay out detailed plans.

Link here:

moving on…..

There is a new piece of signage on the LAST RED ZONE FENCE left in the city.  Yep its High Street…:  Unfortunately the Powers That Be have not got the message yet!   This block will be great when it is sorted, but it has not even been sold yet, I have not even found out if they have put it on the market.   How long do you need to make a decision about sale??????  Is there no one down in your office who can sell real estate????  I can give you some names if you want? Heritage needs to be treated as an Anchor Project.

Heritage is an Anchor project, not a after thought.

Heritage is an Anchor project, not an after thought.

Heritage Has Economic Benefits.

Heritage Has Economic Benefits.

Now Our Building Consent:

Our Building consent is still Stalled at the CCC.  There is something seriously wrong with the system. I think they need to re assess how they deal with heritage repairs.  There are only 3-4 heritage repairs occurring in the city.  Each one of these is having problems.  The only solution is for all “heritage repairs” to apply for exemptions to the Building consent process.  (CCC Do you really want to have a discussion about how to repair a 110 year old brick wall to the 2014 building code????  …… you don’t like my paper work? Just be frigging glad there is some paper work, I suspect that you have LOST all mine in the 2011 quakes and that is why my consent is in such a mess! So you stall me for 18 months….. I would call that revenge ?….)  There needs to be a liaison person at CCC who can progress some of the stalled consents plaguing the city…

Ho humm, another day spent waiting for something to happen.

ps.  My house is still standing….. waiting for the bulldozer…..  Southern Response?????

No 1 house totally munted.... Feb 2011

No 1 house totally munted…. Feb 2011

Still waiting for the demo.... again.... 5 years on.....

No 2 house…. awaiting demolition,  Started May 2014-  munted…Still waiting for the demo… poor workmanship.  5 years on and I still don’t have a house.


CCC Building Consents….

P1000346What an unhelpful meeting with Building consents that was.  Full of rhetoric, unhelpful, with no idea what sort of building or the problems that we have.  They were totally unprepared, had not read the file and completely lacking in knowledge of party walls.  Following the usual procedure of the Building consents dept of “following the party line to the letter.”  And I thought that they might be helpful.  Yeah Right!

Why would you repair a heritage building???  Pull them down if you have to face what we faced today!

I will say no more, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

A very grumpy day!